Healing the real root cause of your dis-ease
which is never just physical

 ~ Roots before wings ~

If you are reading this, chances are you have been following me for a while and you are somewhat familiar with my work and that means:

  • You know that true healing must always involve phases of DETOXIFICATION, REGENERATION and INTEGRATION on a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual level
  • You know that your dis-ease never just happened out of the blue but was cultivated unknowingly for years and that sometimes we are born with certain weaknesses that must be addressed before our body can heal itself
  • You have probably tried many different avenues this way and that, but are still feeling like many of your health concerns have been left unanswered
  • You understand that we live in a non-ideal world, where we are all dealing with an unprecedented onslaught of toxicity (which includes emotional/spiritual toxicity) which severely impacts our body’s ability to heal itself and that this is often the underlying cause of many “mystery illnesses”
  • You understand that healing is not as simple as just doing a “detox”, a juice fast or a water fast and that there is no one size fits all. Not because we are all different, but because we are all at different stages of degeneration and
    we all have different paths to walk
  • You are ready to do what it take to truly uplevel your health and life and know that only you can do it, AT THE PACE OF LOVE, systematically, with full support

GREAT! Then this offering is PERFECT FOR YOU!

It took me a long time to feel good about offering group work again at a price point that is accessible to many, because I know everyone is at a different phase and needs some kind of customisation.

I had to come up with protocols that can truly work for everyone, with products powerful enough to make a real foundational difference whilst giving nutritional guidelines that everyone can personalizes to their level, as well as emotional guidelines to assist you in re-patterning the existential wounds that keep you from healing and living your destiny.

Within this Group Coaching you will be supported by myself and David Fastiggi, a man with profound wisdom and experience and most importantly, 50 years of experience with this lifestyle and advanced cellular detoxification and an expert at deep generational healing.


  • begin your journey with an initial assessment call
  • have access to all my advanced protocols, products pages, nutritional files, recipes, exercise classes and videos
  • have weekly calls with Alexandra Cousins to support you emotionally and answer all your questions
  • be part of a Telegram group where you can ask for support, hold each other accountable and get answers to your questions
  • receive a monthly Deep Dive where my David and I will:
    ○ Discuss Detox and Regeneration topics that are asking to be addressed
    ○ Teach you the steps that will lead you to understand how the body heals itself
    ○ Address the deeper emotional wounding and ancestral wounding that needs resolution for full healing
    ○ Share our insights and teachings around growing deep roots and connecting with our truest essence so that we can spread our wings for real and live our destiny

These Deep Dives will be between 2-3 hours and give you a lot to work with for the rest of the month. We don’t want to overwhelm you with loads of information every week – whilst this might be interesting, the only thing that will make a true difference in your life is;



You will learn the steps to truly detox and regenerate your body and begin your journey of not just resolving your health issues but also understanding their karmic purpose in your life and how to leverage that to your advantage.

  • You will see and FEEL real changes in a short amount of time and experience that, actually, it’s not that hard at all and that when we simply do the right thing, the body simply responds.

  • You will acquire true wisdom, rootedness and relaxation which will lead you to land into your reality and use it as a springboard to create the life you desire – no more spiritual fluff, it’s time to be real, heart centered and take ownership of every aspect of our lives BUT ALWAYS AT THE PACE OF LOVE.

  • You will learn all my tips and tricks on how to heal, not just your body but your life and how to enjoy the life you are here to create.

  • You will connect with a beautiful and likeminded community of people and that in of itself can be so healing and so supportive -don’t be surprised if you make beautiful friends and connections.

  • You will be supported and guided by our amazing coaches who themselves have done a lot of work and who know and understand the journey.

because I know many of you truly believe you are irretrievable that you are the proverbial “rotten apple”

How do I know?

Because that was my story too…. Like attracts like, you know and what you will experience is the total dissolution of that story. We will go deep, well if you want to… you always have choice, but we will go deep

because the goal is liberation, softening, heart opening, true understanding of the journey of being in a
body and connecting to your karma and destiny.
Because here is the thing, the reason why many of us never fully heal and always need the next “thing”, is because we don’t understand how the body truly works, we don’t understand what we are really up against, and most importantly we are not rooted and therefore listen to any new comer on the block that
comes with a solution, right?

That is what this container will change for you. It will give you embodied knowing of who you are and where you stand on all level

AND YES, WE’LL TALK BIOHACKING TOO and all the fun stuff in between, but this is really about getting you rooted in yourself and removing the obstacles to real thriving

Simple but not easy…. But I promise we’ll make it fun!

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  • are not ready to take full responsibility for your own healing journey, this is not for you
  • are not willing to make some dietary changes and possibly undo some dogmatic thinking
  • still believe that taking the right “thing” or eating the right way, or even just getting rid of heavy metals/glyphosate etc will fix everything and are not willing to dive deep into some potentially uncomfortable emotional and mental patterns, then this is not for you.
  • believe that physical healing has little to do with emotional healing, then this is not for you.

If after reading through all of this you are FEELING (!) ,

WOOOOW, THIS is what I have been waiting for,
where can I start…

Then this is definitely for you and you will be blown away by the results that are possible…. No doubt (remember, we always think it’s harder than it actually is) and (don’t be put off by the part around diving deep into some patterns …. Your greatest GOLD is usually hidden under your stinkiest POOP ;-))

SO, here are the details:

After payment we will schedule an onboarding call with you and then you’ll just dive right in.
We recommend a minimum of 3 months (anything less is just not worth it considering that most clients work with me for a minimum of 6-12 months and most are with me for 18-24 months), but three months are enough to give you a taste

Save by purchasing upfront 3, 6 or 12 months

3 months $1582 (save $83 – 5% )
6 months $2999 (save $331 – 10%)
12 months $5328 (save $1332 – 20%)
We’re also offering this for a Monthly subscription of $555 per month.

**Please note that the protocols will require you to spend anywhere from $250 to ~$800 a month in supplements. Whilst it is definitely not necessary to spend $800, some of you may want to use certain products, tools and procedures to speed things up. $250 a month may not always be necessary, but mostly it will be at least that, so that is something to keep in mind. I wish I could say you can heal totally without supplements/herbs and other tools, but in my experience that just isn’t the case.

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I soooooo look forward to beginning this journey with you as there is nothing quite as rewarding as being
part of your transformations!


We are also currently offering a 3 month intensive 1:1 special for which we still have 3 openings.

This container will include:

  • An initial in depth health assessment, inclusive of a Quantum Health Scan
  • A personalized Advanced Cellular Detox and Regeneration Protocol
  • Weekly coaching sessions with David (12 total), where you will go deep into the unraveling of core woundings and traumas that are holding you back healthwise, but really in all areas of your life and from living your destiny
  • Monthly 2 hour Deep Dives with Alex where we will alchemize David’s teachings and integrate what needs to be integrated for the creation of your destiny
  • This 3 month intensive is ideal if you have a health issue to resolve and understand the root causes and transmute the pain that is sitting underneath it all and then you could easily move into the group coaching program and get a whole lot more out of it
  • The investment for the 3 month intensive is $12,222

My 1:1 containers range between $8,888 and $11,111 per month for a minimum of 6 months and always includes the availability of my whole team as needed.