This retreat will initiate you into the
Advanced Inner Marriage Process

Join us for 7 days of energy work, cellular detoxification, fasting and meditation

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A 90 minute group consultation with Alex to discuss how to prepare your body for deep cellular detoxification 3 weeks before the start of the retreat


  • 7 days of deep Cellular Detoxification balanced with powerful Inner Alchemy meditations along with Qi Gong embodiment practices.

  • Daily periods of dry fasting (no food and water) and fruit fasting days

  • Herbs and supplements to support detoxification

  • Plus deep somatic work to integrate the fasting and purification processes to allow the full embodiment of the new frequencies.

  • Teachings around the power of Cellular Detoxification & LIVINGmucusFREE and why it is integral to Embodiment

  • Daily Qi Gong, sharing circles and integration time

  • Massages available with pre-bookings (not included in price)


  • 6 nights at a beautiful 5* Barefoot Luxury Villa in Bali with a raw food chef preparing all our LIVINGmucusFREE meals

  • Detoxification protocol and herbs

  • All facilitation as mentioned above

  • An evening of sound healing


  • Experience the depth of connection between what we eat, our consciousness, emotional wellbeing and energetic balance

  • Learn the correct sequence of detoxification; colon, the lymphatic system, kidneys and liver

  • Embody 5D living and learn how to Manifest without Resistance

  • Soften your heart, rise in love and become Love Personified

  • Find out what is keeping you locked in the 3D matrix AND experience your Self being activated into living in 5D

  • Learn how to shift with ease out of life's contractions and stay in flow

    Discover what your body needs most to stay in balance nutritionally and how to spiral upwards towards increased vitality and life force



  • Shared room $3,333

  • Single room $4,444

  • Non-refundable deposit of 50% secures your booking*

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Whilst this retreat is potentially for anyone that feels their heart's call to attend, we have created this retreat for those that are somewhat familiar with energy work and are looking to meet their next edge and embody UTOPIA RISING as fully liberated and sovereign beings.

This retreat is designed to create a safe space where a group of committed individuals hold the collective intent to embody 5D right now and to allow a deep gentleness and compassion to embrace the false beliefs of the retreat group but also the collective of humanity itself.


In psychological terms, this represents the union of the inner male and female - the animus and anima. It is represented in the world by our ability to balance our inner spiritual lives with our outer material lives. We do this by developing the 3rd transcendent force, what we call True Inner Power. This is a power that is effortless, which the Taoists call Wu Wei. In the Human Design and Gene Keys systems it's about uniting the seeming paradox of the sun/earth and personality/design into a 3rd mysterious transcendent force called human destiny.

  • Acquire the power to change yourself at the genetic level of your deep Jing (essence) within the bone marrow and blood.

  • Open the possibility to heal chronic illness at the pre-natal (stem cell) level, including genetically inherited diseases.

  • Experience a higher spiritual level of sexual practice inside your body: “self-intercourse” between your inner male and inner female.

  • Give the Inner Silence inside of you more will power to act here in the world.

  • Produce within yourself the Golden Elixir, the divine seed-egg of our Immortal Embryo, that will mature into our Inner Sage.

  • Take care of your worldly destiny even as you cultivate your spiritual immortal self. It’s all a matter of where you focus. Inner Sexual Alchemy can be taking place even when you’re fully engaged in the physical world.

  • Open pathways of communication between the three dimensions of the whole self: The Original Spirit, the pre-natal Soul, and your post-natal (physical) self/personality.


Alex Cousins: Creatress of the LIVINGmucusFREE movement and , Transformational Mentor, Activator, Visionary and Code Keeper

Alex's passion has always been in health and human optimisation. She grew up believing that so much more was possible for humanity and with a deep innate connection to the Christ consciousness. Alex's past is deeply varied - having studied Ayurveda and Yoga in India in her 20's, working in some of the top Spas in the world as well as stints in high fashion, and deep dives into the world of African and South American shamanism. Looking back she realises how her own suffering and illness was the greatest teacher - propelling her to keep pushing the edges to carve a radical new way of being.

Everything Alex teaches, she lives fully without compromise whilst constantly evolving and refining the process. Alex is a true pioneer in her field and has the ability to guide people through massive transformations and healings in the most elegant and deeply authentic of ways.

LIVINGmucusFREE & is the culmination of Alex and her husband Gary's journey together of removing the obstructions from their bodies, which has allowed them to experience a whole new level of health and vitality that has totally altered their reality.

Andrew Fretwell - Creator of Original Feeling Touch and The Romanian School of Inner Alchemy and Wuji Gong, Thai Chi for Enlightenment.

At the age 21 Andrew had a powerful spiritual experience that changed his perception of the world around him. It was the on-going challenge of grounding that experience into his day to day life that led him to different teachers and systems of self-cultivation. In 1983 he met his main Taoist teacher Mantak Chia and received from him the Seven Alchemical Formulas for Immortality transmitted by the breatharian hermit One Cloud.

Studying with Mantak Chia, Andrew realized the importance of the physical and emotional bodies being refined containers for the very high frequencies of our soul and spirit. Since this time he has dedicated his life to making simple and clarifying what this actually means in our day to day life and how each and every choice we make either sets us free or limits us. Original Feeling Touch (OFT) and WuJi Gong are the main ways students first encounter Inner Alchemy for Soul Integration. Andrew is also an experienced Evolutionary Astrologer, Gene Keys & BaZi guide. His approach has been called unique, deep and profound because it addresses the actual Souls intent for growth and more completion in life.

*Cancellation policy: If you cancel your registration before June 19th, your payment will be refunded less the 50% deposit. After June 19th, all payments are final and will not be refunded.