How to Detox Heavy Metals

As mentioned in our articles on colon cleansing (see Part 1 and Part 2) – the process of detoxification is only effective when it focuses on removing obstruction. To do this effectively, toxins must bind to other agents – or one risks the redistribution of toxins to other parts of the body. If you missed the article outlining what the signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity are, read here.

Similarly, detoxifying heavy metals from the body works in much the same way. The overall goal in binding (chelating) and detoxifying heavy metals is to bind them with a strong chelator and then excrete them safely out of the body.

There are a number of effective ways to detox the body from heavy metals. I’ve outlined the best ways for you below:

1) Supplement with Essential Minerals

Supplementation with zinc, calcium, iron, vitamin C and magnesium is recommended, as these nutrients reduce the absorption of toxic heavy metals and their depletion results in enhanced toxic metal uptake from the gut. The best here is to go for whole food sources. The Lymphbuster Juice will have all the above-mentioned minerals.

In addition, I also recommend:

2) Remove Sources of Heavy Metal Exposure

The first step in reducing the body’s burden of heavy metals is to reduce or remove the source of exposure, if possible. This may mean stopping the consumption of high mercury seafood, testing and filtering drinking water, quitting smoking, removing amalgams from your teeth and using only natural body/beauty products.

3) Ensure that Excretory Organs Function Correctly

If you will use a binding agent to remove toxic heavy metals, it is important to ensure that your excretory pathways are open and not overburdened in order to allow the metals to pass out safely.

Constipation, leaky gut, or kidney and liver diseases will prevent metals from chelating. Here I strongly suggest going for weekly ozone colonics and lymphatic massages to really help open up the body and the lymphatic ducts. This makes all the difference!

The Inner Work
Make sure you are relaxed and not holding onto stress. This will make a big difference when detoxing.

We can do all the right things but if our bodies are not ready to let go and if our nervous system does not feel safe, the body will continue to hold on! That’s why doing the inner work/emotional work is so crucial.

4) Bind Heavy Metals for Easy Excretion

The next step is to bind heavy metals where they are stored in the body, escort them into the bloodstream, and excrete them through the liver via bile in the faeces, through the kidneys via urine, or through the skin via sweat.

Using activated charcoal, bentonite clay and psyllium husk as we do in The Pudding is a great way to bind toxins and Humic Minerals play a big role here too!

5) Detoxify Slowly or Pulse (Chelate) the Binding Process

It is important to detoxify from heavy metals slowly to prevent redistribution throughout the body. For this reason, it is recommended to temporarily discontinue or lower dosages of chelating compounds if symptoms worsen and allow the body’s detoxification and excretory systems to “catch up”.

Using the heavy metal smoothie regularly along with eating large green salads, dates, Lymphbuster and taking the “pudding” to bind toxins will ensure safe heavy metal removal.

Other things that can assist in the chelation process:

  • Add a few brazil nuts to our Heavy Metal Detox smoothie for the selenium support and a little extra fat to bid toxins
  • Take amino acids to support the chelation process and prevent the body from ravaging itself.
  • Oil of oregano is also excellent at supporting the chelation of heavy metals
  • At home chelators: white or spring onions, milk thistle (to support the liver) and parsley. 

Alex Cousins is a nutritional wizard, shaman, healing and transformation facilitator and creatress of Out of her own suffering and inability to heal her body and soul, she created LIVINGmucusFREE, a healing system that really is evolutionary nutrition and wellness in action.
Alex skillfully combines detoxification and healing protocols with deep emotional healing and alchemy to not only heal but initiate people into living an ecstatic life. Alex understands the interconnection of physical toxicity and emotional toxicity like few others, which makes her able to help and transform the most desperate cases. LIVINGmucusFREE is making waves worldwide and is growing rapidly in popularity due to its absolute simplicity and efficacy. LIVINGmucusFREE is the most integrated way of healing and optimising the body. Ultimately, embodied ascension starts in the body. This system will not just bring you radiant health; it will inevitably catapult you into full alignment with your purpose! Alex has over 20 years of nutritional studies under her belt and has worked in major Health Spas worldwide as trainer, manager and concept developer and is now fully dedicated to her vision of leading others into Embodiment.



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