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Iridology is the study of the iris, relating to cellular weaknesses (genetics), acidosis and toxicity. As tissues become weakened and congested with acids, changes occur in the fibers of the iris. Iridology is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a holistic approach that reminds us that our physical health depends upon the health of every cell.

Overview of State Within

I received an iridology reading from Thad Cheatham that has shed much light on my health condition. Thad is a detoxification specialist, who is following the teachings of well-known iridology specialists Doctor Morse and Doctor Jensen.

According to Thad: “Iridology is such a great educational tool. Sometimes patients are testing me to see how accurate the reading is. They are always blown away.”

A big surprise with the iridology reading is that my eyes, that I always thought were green, are in fact blue: “One has either brown or blue eyes. These are the two basic colours of the iris. If you add the yellow from lymphatic stagnation and blend it with blue eyes, you get green eyes. All other colours show levels of acidosis or lymphatic stagnation”.

According to Thad, “green eyes show levels of chronic weakness”. Most people have varying degrees of chronic tissue weakness and toxicity without realizing it. “The main focus in detoxification would be your colon, especially the transverse colon. After that, you should help the congestion to drain from your head so your master glands can start working better, to take the stress off them.”

Constitution Type and Word of Hope

Thad had some encouraging words: “you have good eyes. There is a little bit of drug deposit, traces of sulfur (orange) and toxin spots. It’s really not bad, believe me.

You can see that in your iris, the fiber hair is pretty straight. There is a lacuna (note: a cluster of lesions) on your left side, the size is big but it’s not too deep neither too dark. Your lymph nodes are pretty congested, in sub acute or mostly acute stages. I can spot pocketing and some ballooning in the colon.

We can see that some of the brown from the bowels is coming down to the lymph nodes and this is how it should be: you want to see the trash coming there, that shows the body is trying to move it through the lymph system down to the lymph nodes which are supposed to break the trash down and to help it come down to the kidneys and other eliminative organs.

Overall you have a great and strong constitution and good genes and heritage from your parents”.

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Thad is a coach, mentor and certified detox and iridology specialist based in Alabama, but he works with people around the world. He is amazingly kind, very passionate about helping people and generous beyond compare. Growing up in the deep fried south he was raised on all the wrong foods. So he became addicted to food more than he ever knew until he started to work on getting healthier. So he understands what it’s like fighting a food addiction. He spent over 25 years being overweight, almost 300 lbs and suffering with fatigue, sleep apnea, headaches, chronic indigestion, chronic bronchitis, major candida and yeast problems, and feelings of low self esteem. His life changed when he started helping his mom at her health food store. His whole understanding of health was flipped upside down. He learned about herbs, natural beauty care products, supplements and other natural remedies for health. He also learned about the plant based diet and started to experiment with it to help him to lose weight, but it took him 7 years to be able to adopt it fully and not go back to animal products. Then he found out about Dr. Morse in 2010 and started to watch him on Youtube. Thad decided to become a level 1 certified detox specialist in 2014 then finished his level 2 in oct 2018. He has been practicing iridology since he first learned about it in 2014. Today he’s been on his own health journey for over 13 years and has lost over 115 lbs! Now he dedicates his life to helping others learn the art of detox to achieve cellular regeneration and iridology. Thad offers VERY in depth iridology readings, herbal protocols, and longer term coaching packages.


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