REMOVE the obstruction to reveal the perfection

Join us NOV 12 to DEC 21 for an intensive 40 day journey to totally transform your life and be done with anything that doesn’t serve you and commit to living happy, healthy and holy, NOW!

If you want to EXPERIENCE your true freedom, potential and limitlessness, THIS IS IT. No middle way, we go all in with those that are truly ready!

We have crafted an incredible offer so that everyone can participate and collectively shift the energies to create a new life and a new world. See below for further details.

We have been on this journey for 20+ years and are leaders in the field of showing people how to heal their bodies and lives FOR GOOD.

One of THE most powerful tools we can use is fasting. Fasting gives you results FAST~ not just physical, but on a spiritual, mental and emotional level, it is the fastest way forward we have found. However in contrast, as much as fasting brings fast transformation, it is essentially a slowing down; a slowing down of the digestion process, a slowing down of time and a focussing of the mind. Fasting is really about stepping into real self-mastery and becoming a master of your own energy. Within the fasting journey you will transmute a lot of emotional energy and get very clear on what’s essential and what wants to move through you.

We combine our juice fasts with the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga which offers movement, breathwork, mantras and meditation to give you incredible upgrades and breakthroughs from the very first session.

The 40 days between Nov 12 and Dec 21 is an astrologically powerful window of time. The astrology essentially speaks to how we can transform our lives to step into our creator and manifestation abilities. This 40 day window is an opportunity to shift our reality and step into our Creator birthright.


We have become so disconnected from nature and in this past century our bodies have been exposed to more toxins than ever before!

Toxicity and metabolic build up inhibit our body’s self regeneration processes, which is what then causes dis-ease and damage to our DNA. Yet even more importantly, toxicity and cellular degeneration disconnects us from being vessels through which the divine can flow!

Elimination, not addition, is the secret to a victorious lifE

A body overburdened with toxins will result in a weak nervous system and a weak endocrine system. The endocrine system is your motherboard, as it informs everything in your body. How you digest life to how you think and therefore feel and show up in all areas of your life. No matter what you look like on the outside, if you want to be truly happy, healthy and holy, you need a strong and clean endocrine system to experience yourself as God/Divine.

The 40 days between Nov 12 and Dec 21 is an astrologically powerful window of time, within which we can shift our reality and step into our Creator.

Experience your highest potential

You can spend years developing yourself and healing, or you can go straight to the root cause of your disconnection; heal it and have an experience of your highest potential


Once you experience your highest divine potential, you’ll fall in love with it and you’ll be able to live from it because you’ll have a road map that is based on reality

We’ve been led to believe that healing and embodying our divinity is hard and miraculous when it’s not. It’s a technology that is available to all of us and simply a consequence of doing the right thing ~ there are laws that need to be applied and this is what we will share on our 40 day journey.

What we can GUARANTEE is that if you fully apply yourself you will experience incredible results!


Create an inner terrain where the body can heal itself through assisting waste removal


Move the body in ways that stimulates the lymphatic system and glands to activate waste elimination and self healing


Activate your breath, to activate your glands.
An oxygenated body is a healthy body


Your body is a sound chamber and sound/vibration is the most sophisticated form of healing


Learn to move and direct energy through the meditative mind

Expect massive results for something that is actually very simple and can be done by anyone!

We have worked out all the details for you and WILL guide you the whole way

The program consists of the following:

  • Fasting (Juice only or Juice & Greens)
  • Kundalini Yoga (An ancient technology to rewire brain circuitry & activate your Light Body)
  • I Am Creator Practices (Go beyond manifestation into Creation)
  • Powerful Quantum Vibration Meditations (Truly shift your consciousness & fundamental reality)
  • Recipes for post-fasting integration & deep cellular rejuvenation 


  • Fasting Protocol with video explanation (Juice suggestions and options for those who don’t wish to be only on juice)
  • Herbal suggestions to support your cellular detoxification during the fast
  • Opening and Closing Zoom Group call (Recording will be made available)
  • A Weekly Kundalini Video for your daily practice
  • Telegram Messaging App Support Group (including support from our Cellular Rejuvenation Doctor)
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Daily Live Stream of the I Am Creator Practice (streamed live from Bali)
  • Post-fast integration protocol and and healthy holiday-season recipes