LIVINGmucusFREE Embodiment is a group mentorship programme supported by people that have actually gone through the LMF process themselves and who are living and thriving LIVINGmucusFREE.

LIVINGmucusFREE is a group mentorship with people that have actually gone through the process themselves and who are living and thriving LIVINGmucusFREE

This was my vision from when I healed myself from what no doctor could help me with and discovered that I had never felt so good and so connected in my body

I knew I had to create a community of mentors who had and were truly living this lifestyle on all levels

We just had our first mentor certification training in Bali and it was deeply transformational for all of us. Now we have mentors available to you for wherever your starting point is and a community that can hold you to your highest  and for this first round we are offering our program at super special prices!!

“I was so very sceptical having tried every diet under the sun, but I was at my wits end. I could have never imagined ever feeling THIS good again. Now I just want to pass it on!”


Bullet White  Holistic in the most comprehensive of ways – up-level your body, mind and spirit – Nothing lives in isolation and you’ll learn how everything is truly connected as you move through the program. We’ll address the physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral and karmic reasons for your patterns and guide you through the breakthroughs you have been looking for. The body never lies; the issue is IN the tissue and that is where the work is!

Bullet White  Lifestyle – this is not another diet fad or quick fix. This is real, authentic and effective and yet you will see it has nothing to do with willpower and all with deepest self love

Bullet White  Low Cost- small group mentorship at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one mentoring

Bullet White  Small group size- just small enough to receive personalised attention and guidance from your mentor whilst large enough to find your tribe and hold each other accountable. Maximum 10 people per group

Bullet White  No long-term commitment – 3-month packages allow you to find your own pace in this lifestyle and to evolve with it as you feel ready. Remember, there is time to do it right, this is about making lasting changes that truly feel good on all levels

Bullet White  Personalised: This is not a one size fits all approach; we take you through 4 different Embodiment Levels; tailored to meet you where you are at. Cycle through and between them at your own pace. This is not a race, it is an evolutionary process and you can enjoy the journey!

Fits around you and your life with the ability to tune in on your own schedule – we’ve all been through this and we know the in’s and out’s to make it work no matter what

Bullet White  All under the guidance and tutelage of your chosen Certified LIVINGmucusFREE Embodiment Mentor, and supervision of Master Mentors Alexandra Cousins, Thad Chetham  and dry fasting expert Alice Copilet

Bullet White  Access to exclusive discounts on other LIVINGmucusFREE products, retreats and services.


Bullet Gold Small  Be empowered to truly take your health into your own hands by healing and optimising your health in ways you did not think were possible. You will KNOW in YOUR body what is right and you will develop new awe and understanding for your body

Bullet Gold Small Debunk health and nutrition ‘facts’ and demystify conflicting advice: simplicity is the key to making lasting changes and elimination is they key to vibrant health

Bullet Gold Small Move your body in ways that efficiently loosens lymphatic stagnation AND strengthens you from deep within without harming your adrenals. Building a beautiful and strong body is easy when you are getting it right on all levels

Bullet Gold Small  Discover clarity and focus with weekly meditations, yoga and mentoring exercises

Bullet Gold Small  Learn how easy and satisfying it is to create healthy, fresh and delicious food – make no mistake, we still all love food more than ever! We don’t portion control or calorie count – we eat until total satisfaction – you’ll see how good that feels to your nervous system

Bullet Gold Small Strengthen your connection with source/ your inner knowing/ universal – as within, so without, as above so below. All is connected, a strong, healthy, unobstructed body will be inevitably connected to truth. Become the vessel that can run AND hold the highest frequencies

Bullet Gold Small Find TRUE JOY as your body heals and optimises and as you gain clarity over how our bodies are supposed to function and feel  natural JOY arises from the body

Bullet Gold Small Quantum leap your life forward in ways you cannot yet imagine; find your true purpose, higher calling, happiest self.  Yes, it requires deep work but all of this and more is already there just waiting to be discovered. “How is it that all that will emerge from just changing my diet and cleaning up my body” you ask? It just goes to show you how deeply what we eat truly affects us. Read the reviews to see what others have to say. The magic is real and it happens IN YOUR BODY!


12 weeks of incredible learning and support at each Embodiment level 

Bullet Gold Small  Weekly 90 min small group mentorship sessions with your chosen mentor. Each week will include a specific lesson/topic and allow for personalised questions and answers

Bullet Gold Small  Monthly extended group Q&A session with expert mentors rotating between Alex, Thad, Alice and Amrita (names to link to their bios)

Bullet Gold Small 3 x 30 minute one-on-one sessions with your chosen mentor (at intake, mid-term review and close)

Bullet Gold Small Group WhatsApp and Facebook portals with your mentor – rapid answers to your questions as they arise -we’ll be there for you all the way! You just can’t get this wrong!
Weekly written protocols and worksheets tailored to each level

Bullet Gold Small An accountability buddy so you are never alone- keep yourself and each other on track

Bullet Gold Small Simplify your life with recipes and weekly meal plans tailored to your level

Bullet Gold Small Weekly exercise videos including yoga, deep muscle work, strength exercises, exclusive to group mentoring programme besides the classes that are already on our portal
Weekly bonus videos including Kundalini yoga, meditations, Kriyas, energy reports, inspirations and sharings to keep you motivated and on track

Bullet Gold Small Free membership to the LIVINGmucusFREE Members Portal as long as you are enrolled in group mentoring (added value of $77 per month)

Bullet Gold Small Exclusive discounts on other LIVINGmucusFREE products, services and retreats:
20% off iridology reading with Thad
30% off mentorship packages with your mentor
20% mentorship sessions with a master mentor
25% off retreat of your choice (excludes special offers)

no matter where you are at and what you are ready for -we’ve got you! and we can take the guessing game out of Cellular Detoxification and regeneration.


Here is where we begin to learn how our body functions and what it actually needs to thrive. Together we begin to phase out and release attachments (physically and mentally) to the most obstructive foods.

Together we discover delicious food flavour profiles and how to make healthier choices. You will be guided, with compassion, by a mentor who has walked this path previously and knows how challenging it can be, especially at these early stages.

You will begin to see how this lifestyle goes so much deeper than the food itself as your mentor supports you to look at your own programming, patterns and emotional arisings. Going slow and transitioning properly is essential to success at future levels.


We do not rush this process, rather we lean in to it and learn to love it. We begin to glimpse all the magic of what is to come.

Minimum of 3 months but we anticipate many people may wish to repeat this level more times until ready to move on.

Here we will begin to work on the main elimination channels of the body, focusing on the colon and work with some herbs and detoxification practices like enemas/colonics/skin brushing, beathwork etc. One day fasts and short periods of dry fasting will also be part of the teachings.

The great news is that even if this is as far as you choose to go, you will have learnt to make impactful changes to your diet and you will draw great benefits from embodying just this first phase.

This is for you if you are a SAD eater, or still consuming animal products and grains or coming off Paleo or Keto diets. Level 1 will allow you to transition elegantly into an alkaline plant based way of eating that will start eliminating excess mucus from your body.

You will learn the key factors to truly regenerate on a cellular level and how to be safely plant based and begin the cellular detoxification process with various protocols and mini challenges. Your body will thank you for this vast improvement in your lifestyle and you will quickly start to feel and see changes in your body that you cannot even fathom from where you are currently standing.


At this point we begin to embrace our new path as a long term lifestyle and mucus lean foods will be your benchmark whilst moving towards mucus free meals and incorporating short fasts, longer dry fasting and more herbs and tools into your lifestyle.

You will enjoy delicious mucus lean foods and learn how all your favourite meals can be easily adapted to this lifestyle. You will begin to experience just how good your body feels as we begin to remove decades of obstruction from the colon, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin and lungs. As your body adjusts and you are prepared to dig deeper we will begin to incorporate days of mucus free eating, more fruit, longer intermittent dry fasting and various short fasts. We will learn how to support our elimination channels through the right herbs and targeted botanicals as well as exercises and practices that support elimination and regeneration. At this stage you will also continue to dig deeper into your emotional patterns and discover how food and the waste in our bodies is the nexus point.

This is for you if you are already plantbased/vegan/raw vegan and consider yourself a healthy/clean eater yet still experience  minor or major health issues. You will learn that vegan or even raw vegan does not automatically lead to health and you will learn how to rectify that and start thriving. This is also for  you if you have zero apparent health issues but are wanting to deeply regenerate your body and start to experience deeper levels of connection to source and breakthrough some old patterns.


Now you are ready to take your body to the next level of releasing waste.

Fast track your detox and healing with 80-90% mucus free food, ~90% to 100% raw and longer dry fasting periods, longer fruit only periods, some short juice fasts and deeper meditations. At this stage you will want to lean on the support of your mentor and group to navigate the healing crises (which are actually healing upgrades!) and deeper emotional arisings that may occur.

Remember, as your body heals all that was once trapped will need to rise to the surface to be felt and ultimately released. In some ways this can be an uncomfortable and challenging stage for many but also one where deep healing and growth takes place. You will experience greater freedom in your body and renewed vitality as we go deeper with herbs and botanicals as well as our meditation practices.


This is for you if you are a SAD eater, or still consuming animal products and grains or coming off Paleo or Keto diets. Level 1 will allow you to transition elegantly into an alkaline plant based way of eating that will start eliminating excess mucus from your body.

You will learn the key factors to truly regenerate on a cellular level and how to be safely plant based and begin the cellular detoxification process with various protocols and mini challenges. Your body will thank you for this vast improvement in your lifestyle and you will quickly start to feel and see changes in your body that you cannot even fathom from where you are currently standing.


Under the support of your expert mentor you will be guided to go deeper by moving in between 80% fruit and 20% greens with regular fasting, longer dry fasting times and the intelligent use of herbal tinctures to get to the deeper layers of tissue obstruction.

As a group we will prepare our bodies and ease in to a 21 or 40 day fast (you will have the option of a fruit only fast or various juice fasts and you will feel your way through as you go – without pressure).

Here you will undergo deep healing, physically and emotionally.

You will connect with your inner knowing, your body and source in new and powerful ways.

You will lean on the support of your mentor and group while also learning how powerful it is to be in service to others in the same way and to feel into this new community we will have created together.

At the end of the fast you will be guided to come out slowly and aided to avoid some of the most common mistakes and pitfalls of the crucial post fast period. The healing doesn’t end with the fast, it is just another beginning.

If you have been on 90% fruit for at least 3 months and mucus free for at least 3 months, if you have some fasting experience, then this is for you as we will get to the deepest layers of obstruction and cellular memory. Be ready to rewrite your story and step into full liberation.