Carolin Hauser - Moving from 3D to 5D

In this 26min video, Carolin Hauser explains how to move from a 3D to a 5D life. In short, creating the results you desire depends on your vibrational frequency. Tune in to hear how you can do this.

Carolin Hauser is a German trained Naturopathic Doctor, Humanistic Psychotherapist, and Family Constellations Facilitator. She is the author of the book Blossom – 7 Steps to Sexual Healing Carolin is an internationally recognized speaker and teacher on the subjects of spirituality, emotional healing, and women’s empowerment. In 2008, Caroline established the and in 2010, The Blossom Journey tele-course. Her virtual business model allows her to share her knowledge with more people than she could personally see in a day. Today, she combines her knowledge about emotional healing, spiritual truth, and authentic business-building to help women connect to their life’s mission. Her work is based on the intersection of where the human body and experience meets past and even ancestral trauma, and shows how each individual’s authentic self is a place of unlimited abundance, creativity, courage and joyful existence.



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