Emotions and the nervous system

In ancient times the bowels were called the seat of emotions. Everything we do energetically affects our nervous system – either positively or negatively. Even too much excitement can stress out our nervous system. Unpleasant emotions can stop the peristalsis action of our bowels.

In Part 1, I explained how our inherited weaknesses in the lining of our bowels are connected with our nervous system and how different foods we eat can cause us to feel those weaknesses when they are being irritated. Well, our emotions can do the same! Every emotion felt by the nervous system has an effect on the blood supply to the colon. Fear and anxiety can cause constipation or diarrhoea. Over half of all bowel disorders have as much to do with unbalanced emotions and past traumas as the bad foods we eat.   

We have to start to become more aware that we are beings of energy and that energy can be healing or destructive to all our different bodies.

You and I are spiritual beings just having a fun trip in this vehicle we call our bodies, and we have to learn how to balance our spiritual, mental, and emotional states to help keep an alkaline flow of energy that soothes our nervous system.

It really does all start and end with the energy or chi flowing through our nervous system and chakras. If we want to open all of our chakras we have to learn how to sooth the nervous system and be aware of our state of the subconscious mind.

The things that help soothe our nervous system the most is meditation, deep breathing exercises, stretching, time spent in nature, alkaline foods, water, and of course yoga.

One of the best ways to achieve balance in this area is to have more self-love, appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, and control over the ego. These are all healing energies that help strengthen our inherent weaknesses.

I really hope this article has helped to bring more attention to the importance of the emotions and our nervous system.

Thad is a coach, mentor and certified detox and iridology specialist based in Alabama, but he works with people around the world. He is amazingly kind, very passionate about helping people and generous beyond compare. Growing up in the deep fried south he was raised on all the wrong foods. So he became addicted to food more than he ever knew until he started to work on getting healthier. So he understands what it’s like fighting a food addiction. He spent over 25 years being overweight, almost 300 lbs and suffering with fatigue, sleep apnea, headaches, chronic indigestion, chronic bronchitis, major candida and yeast problems, and feelings of low self esteem. His life changed when he started helping his mom at her health food store. His whole understanding of health was flipped upside down. He learned about herbs, natural beauty care products, supplements and other natural remedies for health. He also learned about the plant based diet and started to experiment with it to help him to lose weight, but it took him 7 years to be able to adopt it fully and not go back to animal products. Then he found out about Dr. Morse in 2010 and started to watch him on Youtube. Thad decided to become a level 1 certified detox specialist in 2014 then finished his level 2 in oct 2018. He has been practicing iridology since he first learned about it in 2014. Today he’s been on his own health journey for over 13 years and has lost over 115 lbs! Now he dedicates his life to helping others learn the art of detox to achieve cellular regeneration and iridology. Thad offers VERY in depth iridology readings, herbal protocols, and longer term coaching packages.



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