15 years ago anyone who knew me would’ve been happy to tell you how brutally honest I was, and the truth is, I was proud of that. I WAS HONEST! Honest about everything I thought about you, others in the world at large. I was fierce in my convictions and addicted to my own rightness. I was using my voice to intoxicate myself and to experience a false sense of power. At the time I didn’t understand that being loud about my opinions and judgments didn’t equate to authentic and powerful expression.


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Rudy and Kelly Castro are Relationship Alchemists who know how to transform some of the biggest messes into masterpieces. Rudy and Kelly invite people to be curious investigators of the wounds that are calling out to be healed through conflicts that continue to arise. What once was considered to be a pain best left alone becomes the access point to freedom with their guidance. Their Vision is to assist other couples who want to use their partnership to co-create a powerful impact in the world (whether it is to create a loving home, raise children or build a business together or anything in-between). They are deeply dedicated to supporting these couples in removing any limitations, beliefs systems, traumas, and anything else that may stand in the way in achieving POWER COUPLESHIP. Rudy and Kelly are a married couple with three children who have done the work themselves, are professionally trained, and have dedicated their lives to serving others. They have facilitated over 2000 groups and workshops in the Los Angeles area and have worked with thousands of people in the realm of healing, awakening, raising consciousness, healing trauma, and becoming free.