Trusting the Beloved, Marrakesh, Morocco

20 - 26 October 2019

Embodying the Sacred Marriage as a new relationship model for the world. Integrating the teachings of the Gene Keys in collaboration with Andrew Fretwell, cellular purification, forgiveness practices, radical intimacy and radical honesty practices

Fasting in Hawaii

10 - 21 September 2019

We are inviting 5 people to join us at this very special location in Hawaii on Big Island, in one of the last little secret beach havens in Hawaii, aptly name "the last paradise"; it found us and called us to host a fasting retreat. It is the perfect place to go deep with ease whilst being fully supported by untouched nature unlike anywhere else in the world


All of our retreats have been held at beautiful, hand selected, secluded locations in South Africa, Mexico, Bali for a maximum of 10 people at a time. We aim to find locations that embody barefoot luxury, on powerful land so that your whole being may unfold to its highest - the land itself here is medicine. We will personally prepare you for each retreat 3 weeks in advance so that you may get the maximum benefit and transformation out of your investment. Our goal is to give you everything you need in one retreat - to teach you everything you need to know to fully heal your body and to know how to look after it for the rest of your life, and to be initiated into the practice of deep self love which will flourish into sovereignty.