Nothing excites me more than liberating you from everything that is holding you back from stepping into shining forth your Divine light.

Ever since I can remember I carried the knowing that every single one of us is here to be unique and that we all have a divine purpose. I also always knew that dis-ease was not part of this divine plan, that it was a gift, meant to urge us to make the necessary changes so as to fully step into our purpose.

I know that this was true for me and all the people I have mentored thus far. I don't see limitations, I only see opportunities and magic in everything.

Working with me as a mentor means being ready to take a stark look at all areas of your life and all the places where you have been blindsided.

There is nothing that scares me, nothing that could be too dark or too far gone -because I've been there many times. I know everything and anything can be transmuted. In fact, the more the arrow has been pulled back, the further it can reach when released - the same applies to people.

WITH ONE CONDITION, that there is full commitment and full participation.

I don't coach, I mentor - meaning I guide you to find your own inner compass and your own inner answers. I know I had to go faaar out and do what is regarded by most, as extreme work to get to where I am today.

At this stage of my life I can choose with whom to work and I only choose to work with people that are ready to go deep, people who understand that whilst true transformation and transmutation needs not be painful it will inevitably bring you to your edge repeatedly.

Whether you are looking to fully heal your body or to once and for all heal your life, it is my privilege to take you as far as you are willing to go.


You can book a once-off session if you just want to feel me out or if you just have a few questions you'd like answered.

Otherwise I only work with clients who are ready to commit to working me for a minimum of 3 months

Nothing excites me more than liberating you to be your Divine self.

Seeing you transform and shine is what feeds me!




Once-off 45 minute mentorship session, either in person or remotely.

  • Use this session to determine if you want to work with me

  • Use this session for clearing some emotional issues

  • Use this session for get some nutritional advice

  • Use this session for a quick energetic upgrade

Cellular Detoxification & Regeneration Mentorship - 3 months
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Cellular Detoxification & Regeneration Mentorship - 3 months

Whether you are looking for deep cellular healing or just wanting to rejuvenate and optimize without diving too deep into the emotional work (although we'll inevitably touch on aspects of it), this package is the best starting point for you

  • Weekly sessions 45 min. that will be geared towards your healing and optimization.

  • The first session will involve an in depth health questionnaire and detoxification/regeneration protocol.

  • Every week we'll revise your plan and tweak it according to you progress and needs.

*Some of my clients like to use this package also as a way to be held accountable and receive guidance during their first fast.

*This is a 3 month mentorship programme

To apply please click here and fill in the following questionnaire in great detail.

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Cellular Alignment Mentorship - 3 months
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Cellular Alignment Mentorship - 3 months

For those of you that are ready to truly heal and transform your life on all levels and become fully aligned and fully expressed then this is the package for you

  • Weekly 75 min sessions and my full support on WhatsApp

  • We'll start off with an in-depth health questionnaire and emotional/life assessment and move between what is happening for you on a physical level and emotionally

  • Every week we'll adjust your protocol to meet your needs and progress

  • plus three surprise sessions with 3 of my gifted colleagues and soul family members ~these will be in alignment with what I feel you will most need during our time together and a very special gift at the end of our time together

    To apply please click here and fill in the questionnaire in great detail.

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