Dear Alex,


“I’d like to let you know how much you have changed my life for the better”

“You are changing my life in profound ways Alexandra, I cannot yet verbalize it… but everything is changing for the better. I am excited”

“I feel calmer and peaceful than ever before. My life as a I know has never been this conscious”


My life has changed. I feel so empowered!

“My life has changed so dramatically, Alexandra, and I feel so empowered! For years I had been saying I want to heal myself and I would take myself off all my medication and not do anything really different. I didn't have the tools that I have now. Everything in my life lined up for Liberation through Elimination (one of our programs) and I made some pretty big decisions. I'm so grateful to be HERE NOW!”

All I can say is WOW...

"My body was ready for this! One month in after all these years of trying everything and I just released what I would call a “nest”, or an ecosystem of disease. We are awakening and all that has kept my body trapped in lower consciousness is rapidly releasing. Much much gratitude to you Alexandra for reminding me I know how to heal and we know how to ascend with our bodies. It’s happening. "


I am awakening

"I’ve done years of work.... you name it, I’ve done it all. Sacred medicines included... but I must tell you, since being on your program, I realize that I simply could not embody all of my realizations because my body was full of obstruction. As I am clearing the body I am awakening to levels that were eluding me. It feels like one long medicine journey... I am truly in awe. Thank you Alexandra for your presence and wisdom - I simply adore you and all you do... and as you say, “this is just the beginning” "Speechless"


No more pain

"For roughly 15 years one of my symptoms has been a pervading soreness all over my body in my soft tissue. Basically I hurt all over constantly. I also experienced 24hr pain in my skeletal system. Like many others I have persistently searched for relief by seeing many different people. I have been on the detox program since 28th Dec which is 3 weeks. I have been hesitant to say it out loud due to fear of it coming back but my soft tissue is no longer sore!!!! Years Alex, years of suffering and it has been your protocol that has given me some relief! I have tears in my eyes. My skeletal pain is less and will take more time but my golly for the first time I have hope. Thank you so so much"


Committing to the Mucus Free lifestyle is more than "going on a diet." It's a lifestyle shift that changes the game... 

"The first round of the detox upleveled my vibration and subsequent creativity profoundly. The 2nd round of this detox has anchored in the knowing that this is the highest path for my evolution. I have never felt more clear, more in love with myself and with life. My adrenal fatigue and back pain has vanished, despite me working out more than ever. The upgrades and downloads that are coming with this are profound. Strangers are thanking me for my presence. The world is my oyster. I am anchoring in a crystalline grid of what I know is the blueprint for the new paradigm, and that is what I am here to do for the planet. This is why I came here. And the profound exhilaration I experience from being in this vibration ALL THE TIME is not worth trading for a momentary (albeit delicious) sensory experience of foods that are out of resonance. It's not a smart investment and use of resources in my system. Will that always be the case? I have no idea. All I know is what is true for me right now, and being fully ALL IN to that. 

This is deeper than food. It's frequency. It's life path. It's resonance and attunement. It's bringing our divinity into embodiment. And really... What else are we here to do? "

Thank you Alexandra for your guidance and being a living reference point for what's possible when we get past our addictions to that which does not serve our highest evolution. Forever grateful. AZRYA


Hi Alex, I'd like to let you know how much you have changed my life for the better...


I've been a health coach for several years and had to quit my practice just over a year ago because the whole wellness industry did not resonate with me anymore. In fact it really irritated and angered me and I didn't know why. Everything felt so fake. I took the year off to work on myself and enjoy being married. During that time I was following Medical Medium and loved everything about it. Then I found you and everything changed. THIS is what I was searching for, THIS is why everything else felt fake and wrong, THIS is exactly what I needed. It resonates so deeply I can't even communicate it. 

Since learning about living mucus free I have decided to start my coaching practice again, focusing only on detoxification. I will continue offering my previous cleanse program (I now know it's mucus lean, and then you have the opportunity to move into more mucus free.) with an understanding of mucus free teachings. I am sharing all things detoxification and how the body really works. I am basically helping people transition to mucus lean. Thank you for igniting my passion for health again!! 

I was planning to take Dr. Morse's detoxification certification training but would prefer to learn from you. 

I know your new portal will be full of amazing information and support, but will you be offering any courses specifically for coaches/teachers? If so, I'll be the first to sign up. - Allie


A true game changer

"Being on a spiritual journey always brings moments of clarity what does not depend on food and often starts with a big clash like losing a job, relationship break up or even an accident. There are many ways to help people find their way within. But, the changing lifestyle to mucusfree... after having done loads of different diets and detoxes is a true game changer... it brings and keeps you in the state without seeing a teacher, be guided by a shaman or take other spiritual courses. It comes natural just by eating vibrational high nutrition, connecting to your body... so far there is no teaching that can 'keep' this state... lower vibration always comes back. Not with nutrition though. And THAT is truly amazing! "

No longer sick, no longer chronic fatigued...

"The first part of my healing was releasing the fears the medical system placed in me that I could drop dead at any moment if I didn't take my medication and come in ASAP for the operation on my heart! 8 months later on mucus free and master fast...NO longer ANY heart problems, no longer SICK, chronic fatigued, riddled with candida, permanent pregnant belly bloat, massively receding gums, ...I do appreciate the emergency room, and do appreciate the hospital when I was in a state of overwhelm with my illness, not knowing at the time what else to do or where to go ... but I can't see myself ever feeling the need to consult a doctor again...perhaps the doctor will eventually be consulting me lol! Can only continue to be living proof in the face of so many fears I receive almost daily from others. I'm just sooo so grateful to have found each other Alex & mucusfree fam, and that there is a lot of work I need to do on myself but the confusion is gone, and for me the medical system keeps us in confusion, livingmucusfree opens the path back to self-empowerment! ❤"


Life changing - truly!

"I did it! I really did it! I’m healed! I’ve been following you for a year and somehow never reached out as I’m a bit of a weirdo that way, but I followed everyone of your posts and implemented your suggestions. A year later... I’m feeling better then ever before!! Better then I thought was possible! Your work is life changing - truly!"

Heals body and soul

“I started after the New Year, also being depressed, overweight with pain in my lower back and now I'm 10kg lighter, no depression and no lower back pain any more! This way of eating/ thinking/ feeling, really heals body and soul!”


I'm shining brighter

"I believe in you because you take the no nonsense approach, add your guided expertise from walking the walk over decades, share value with educated contemporary nutrition science and aged spiritual paths of wellness with honest & lovingly human compassion. You allow one and all to travel on this journey with you at their own pace and also are not afraid to kick some butt which we all need when obstructed from those blockages needing release. You are not only my woman, woman you are the gift of light to share by us all and we shine brighter because of you dear one.
Thank you for this reading today. I’m shining brighter."

Best antidote I've ever experienced...

"I got the flu the day before I started the 3 day detox. I decided to push through and adhere to the guidelines. Felt amazing results. It accelerated the healing process for sure.
Normally I have a host of holistic remedies but this time I kept it simple and pure to see how fasting/lemon enemas/juicing would serve me. Bottom line - best antidote I've ever experienced"