90 Day Detox Programme


Are you ready to shake up your life in the most incredible ways? Are you ready to step into authentic vitality? Your life is about to change. Get ready to experience a quantum shift in your physical and emotional body.

LIVINGmucusFREE is the only 90-Day Online Detox Programme that offers an integrated step-by-step mind-body solution. We leave no stone unturned! So let’s get started.

This course is delivered as 8 modules with PDF documents and videos. Every 10 days the next module will be delivered to you via email.

1. Getting Started and What to Expect
2. Eliminating Dairy
3. Eliminating Animal Products
4. Eliminating Stimulants, Alcohol and Tobacco
5. Eliminating Grains
6. Introducing Dry Fasting
7. Shifting Breakfast
8. Cooked Dinner and Moving to High Raw