Cellular Detoxification & Regeneration Mentorship - 6 months

Cellular Detoxification & Regeneration Mentorship - 6 months


Whether you are looking for deep cellular healing or just wanting to rejuvenate and optimize without diving too deep into the emotional work (although we'll inevitably touch on aspects of it), this package is the best starting point for you

  • Weekly sessions 45 min. that will be geared towards your healing and optimization.

  • The first session will involve an in depth health questionnaire and detoxification/regeneration protocol.

  • Every week we'll revise your plan and tweak it according to you progress and needs.

*Some of my clients like to use this package also as a way to be held accountable and receive guidance during their first fast.

*This is a 6 month mentorship programme

To apply please click here and fill in the following questionnaire in great detail.

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