If you are interested in health, want to up-level your own game or are a health practitioner, nutritionist, ND or functional medicine practitioner looking for the next edge in nutrition, wellness and embodied vitality – this is IT!  This training will initiate you into the art of cellular detoxification and regeneration and teach you the secrets of embodiment through removing obstruction on a cellular level whilst fully including the emotional and spiritual aspects of our clients. Simultaneously this training will also teach you how LIVINGmucusFREE is not about dogma of any kind – it’s not about becoming fruitarian, nor a raw foodist nor even vegan, but rather about having an embodied experience of how the body works and what facilitates healing and how to trust what the body communicates to us.

We have taken all the aspects of healing into consideration – movement, nutrition, the channels of elimination, trauma release and spiritual evolution and combined it into a simple lifestyle formula which you will learn to embody and skilfully pass on.

This training also includes a lot of deep personal transformation work and up-leveling in all areas of your life, so that you may be your best and highest version of yourself and able to inspire your clients to taking their lives fearlessly to the next level. As part of this certification you will also receive some business coaching and guidance as to how to best integrate this knowledge into your existing practice or how to build a practice around it.

You will have the opportunity to be integrated as a LIVINGmucusFREE coach under UTOPIA-RISING and to grow into leading retreats around the world. As founding members ALL IS POSSIBLE – you just need to heed the call and participate with all of yourself!


Alex Cousins is a nutritional wizard, shaman, healing and transformation facilitator and creatress of LIVINGmucusFREE.com and visionary of Utopia-Rising.com.

Out of her own suffering and inability to heal her body and soul, she created LIVINGmucusFREE, a healing system that really is evolutionary nutrition and wellness in action. Alex skillfully combines detoxification and healing protocols with deep emotional healing and alchemy to not only heal but initiate people into living an ecstatic life.

Alex understands the interconnection of physical toxicity and emotional toxicity like few others which makes are able to help and transform the most desperate cases. LIVINGmucusFREE is making waves worldwide and is growing rapidly in popularity due to its absolute simplicity and efficacy.

LIVINGmucusFREE is the most integrated way of healing and optimising the body and it simultaneously understands that embodied ascension starts in the body – this system will not just bring you radiant health, it will inevitably catapult you into full alignment with your purpose!

Alex has over 20 years of nutritional studies under her belt and has worked in major Health Spas worldwide as trainer, manager and concept developer and is now fully dedicated to her vision of leading others into Embodied Divinity. Alex’s vision is to build the LIVINGmucusFREE movement into a global mentorship program by developing practitioners that will incorporate these teachings in their unique way and empower their clients to live in sovereignty.

UTOPIA-RISING is the premier portal for high vibrational living, as a membership site it offers everything you need for making the leap into high vibrational living and LIVINGmucusFREE is the foundation; the launchpad for high vibrational living. Within UTOPIA-RISING you will be able to contribute weekly/monthly and sell your services as a LIVINGmucusFREE certified coach. We are also forming well considered affiliations to products that can facilitate the transition into LIVINGmucusFREE and you will be able to benefit from these affiliates to.

UTOPIA-RISING is planning two yearly gatherings of 40 to 100 people where we are featuring the top presenters, speakers, coaches and practitioners in living Embodied Ascension and ushering attendees into high vibrational living – as a LIVINGmucusFREE coach you will be able to attend at cost and present your teachings/give talks etc. These talks will be made accessible to the public after the event and used as marketing material.

This certification Training Level 1 will begin in April with required reading material which can be split amongst participants and you are encouraged to work together and exchange findings and information.

You will be asked to summarize the suggested books and provide papers on the key points of each book as well as provide us with your own conclusions drawn from the information of the books. You can again work together with the other participants and share the workload. *You do not need to complete this by the beginning of the retreat in June – this is only if you want the certification which will include at least 10 case studies after the retreat and you have until April 2020 to complete this.

This certification is a first pilot and will be offered at a reduced price compared to what it will be from 2020 (about 50%) and your full participation is required as we will together evolve this course so that we can bring this knowledge out in the easiest way possible to as many people as possible. The participants will have many opportunities to work as coaches and trainers under the UTOPIA RISING umbrella and to spread this knowledge far and wide. We see this as a birthing of a great movement that is geared to empowering people to reclaim their power over their health.

The 12-day intensive will include the following:

From the required reading material you will be expected to have learnt the basics of how the body works and have an understanding of the lymphatic system, master glands, colon and digestive system, nervous system and the various organs. We will go over these various points and discuss these together in our lectures

  • LIVINGmucusFREE, understanding how the body works and how we heal – an overview of the various diet philosophies; Paleo, Keto, HCLF, HFLC, Superfoods and Raw foods and give each one it’s rightful place so that you can apply and explain them as appropriate.

  • What are the detoxification tools that are useful and what is not effective – we’ll look deeply into enemas and colonics, as well as lymphatic drainage, rebounding, breathwork, body work, saunas, hot/cold therapy, ozone therapy, parasite cleanses, liver cleanses and kidney cleanses.

  • Superfoods and Herbs, what to use when for a basic understanding of how to detox our bodies- here we will touch on the basics so that you can direct your clients through the initial stages of detox. You will learn what herbs are best to use and how to incorporate superfoods and supplements -we will go over what actually works and what is a waste of money. Over the years I have tried and studied a lot of products and identified what is useful and what isn’t- I will share this information with you and you can decide what to pass onto your clients.

  • The importance of fasting, dry fasting, fruit fasting and juice fasting – how to fast correctly and how to know which fast to choose when and what to look out for to be safe.

  • Food Preparation and recipe creation with myself and a visiting raw chef. We will learn how to prepare easy mucus lean meals and meal plans and how to make delicious meals that are mucus free. You will learn about flavour profiles and what it takes to create amazing meals, every time.

  • Various Detoxification protocols and how to adapt them to various clients, ailments and desired outcome. We will learn to address the most common ailments such as autoimmune issues, IBS, Crohn’s, MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, Lyme disease, allergies, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, addiction to medication, overuse of antibiotics, constipation, growths, herpes, candida, cancer, heavy metal toxicity, skin issues and mystery illnesses. Ultimately we will explore how there is only one dis-ease and that is cellular dysfunction due to toxicity and changes in our DNA and how to rectify those.

Understanding the sequence of proper detoxification and why the colon is most important, followed by the lymphatic system and kidneys & understanding the master glands and how emotions work and impact the process of detoxification. Some of the lectures will be co-led by Alex.

“While there are many ways of trying to determine bodily conditions, such as hair analysis, blood analysis, etc., we do not find anyone that gives a more complete picture of the whole situation than the science of iridology!” – Dr. Bernard Jensen.


    Thad has a strong passion for iridology; he says “ I really do see how valuable it is in our healing journeys to help show us where we have our work to do. It shows way more than just what is going on in the physical body it shows how our spirits are handling being in this physical body and how it can be a vicious cycle of back and forth. When we can see stress rings and master gland weaknesses you know the person has spiritual and mental challenges and those emotions affect our organs and then from that stress the organs can make us feel those emotions.”

    Thad will bring his professional iris camera and every retreat participant will get a full detailed iridology reading and a professional grade picture of their eyes. We’ll be learning from one another’s eyes and come away with a wealth of information for our own journey and that of our clients with a good basic understanding of iridology.


    The bowels is really where all the magic and dis-ease is. It is crucial to understand why we all have such chronic conditions in these organs since birth and how all of the rest of our bodies organs and glands are affected by the weaknesses in these areas. We will go into the depths of the mind/body/emotional connection and explore how to bring deep healing to the stomach and bowels and why LIVINGmucusFREE is so crucial for the wellbeing of our stomach and bowels.


    We’ll explore the degree to which the condition of the stomach and bowels affect our master glands and how much the head gets congested from eating foods like dairy and grains. We’ll also explore what are the external factors that affect the master glands and how to manage these external factors through powerful natural healing techniques.

    You will learn how to strengthen the master glands and how much the emotions greatly affect the master glands along with their connection with the kidneys, thyroid and adrenals and how to sequence detoxification correctly.


    You will learn what the lymphatic system is and how the lymphatic system works according to Dr. Morse and how to read the lymphatic system in the iris of the eye. You will learn about the best ways to clean the lymphatic system and how to keep it clean and maintained with the herbs and LIVINGmucusFREE.


    We will look at the difference between allopathic medicine, functional medicine, alternative medicine and natural hygiene (which LIVINGmucusFREE is part of) and why it is important to know the difference and when what applies.


    Fasting is easy, but breaking fast correctly and taking time to rebuild is where many go wrong and actually damage their bodies. We will go into the art of rebuilding and how to guide people back into eating depending on the level of healing and lifestyle they are looking for.


    We will look at the severe impact of negative stress on the physical, mental and emotional body and how to give people tools to manage stress on all planes. Using positive stress for the body, such as cold therapy, breathwork, exercise and hot therapy can make a marked difference in our health and should be part of everyone’s wellness routine.


    We will explore the importance of nature and the natural elements for our well-being and how to connect deeply with nature in a way that deeply nurtures our whole being. We will have plenty of opportunities to put this into daily practice through sun gazing, swimming in the ocean and just being in the powerful nature that Bali offers.


    For true awakening to occur we need to come back to having a truly holistic view of our health and our symbiotic relationship with nature, spirit, the earth, our mind, body and soul. Nothing exists as separate, everything truly is one. Once we experience it, we will naturally live a high vibrational life with breath of awareness and true understanding.

    Making the unconscious conscious, shedding light on the depth of the program we are running on and how deeply it affects us on all levels, that is how we liberate ourselves and others. Awareness is everything; and through awareness, compassion grows.

    In order for people to heal, it is not enough to heal their physical body, they need to learn to see through the matrix that is keeping us trapped. Learning to be safe and sound wayshowers for other on their journey is crucial so that we may guide people towards their own power and authority which is innate in all of us.


    We will talk about love being the most powerful healer of all and we will experience this force in our 12 days together. Emotion and intention is everything -if love is the driving force, everything is possible, always in all ways. What does that mean? How do we apply it? How do we ensure we always stay in the vibration of love and how do pass this on to others?

Our certification program will also include daily 2 hour Kundalini Yoga for Detox practice, Meditation and Breathwork teachings presented by Meisha Dev Avtar.

Meisha will share the knowledge around the Eleven Centers and Journeys of Authentic Being through our daily practice and we will explore the importance of kundalini yoga for efficient detoxification and activation of the lymphatic system and master glands . These teachings will give you a basis of how to guide others towards the importance of having a daily practice and how kundalini yoga works on all our bodies.

Learn how to tune into the hidden messages streaming from the body and the language of your clients so that you may design a complete experience for radical transformation for the body, the mind and the spirit.

From the ancient teachings and personal experience of asana, mudra, mantra, meditation, and subtle body intuitive inquiry. During the 12 days together we will inevitably be working through a lot of emotions together and every situation will be a deep learning for our work with others.

  • surprise guest lectures either via video or in person
  • an evening dedicated to nutrition/healing/detoxification for children along with delicious meals that are child friendly (optional)
  • sound healing evenings, outings into nature, time for lots of sharing/Q&A, meditations and just exploring our beingness
  • massages can be booked in advanced and/or there will be a list of spas where you can go for massages and other treatments

The meals will be mostly fruits and some creative raw food. There will always be enough to eat so that everyone can keep to the rhythm they enjoy.

This certification will be highly experiential and require your full participation and engagement. It will not be a sit-back-and-absorb experience, but a process of gathering information through required reading material and sharing your findings with the group and we will all actively co-evolve this process as you learn.

After the 12 day intensive you will be asked to get 10 case studies to work on and once those are complete you will have your level 1 certification. You will have the opportunity to coach alongside me in our various coaching programs.

Once your case studies are complete we will round off the certification with 4 group coaching calls with Business coach Janine Flint to help you get started as a LIVINGmucusFREE coach or integrate the service into your unique offering.

Completing this certification will give you all the knowledge you need to assist others on their journey of LIVINGmucusFREE and recovering their health as well as give you avenues to apply this knowledge and expand your business accordingly.

Prices for the certification program are as follows [pls note we have kept prices exceptionally low for this for this first round and prices will increase significantly for the next course]
$6900 for sharing a king
$8900 for a single bed in sharing room
$11900 for a single/king bedroom suite
-see early bird special below-
A non refundable DEPOSIT of $1000 will secure your spot
Payment Plans are as follows
for sharing a king:
$6500 paid in full upfront as an early bird special until Feb 14th
Three payments of $2500
Six payments of $1300
for a single bed in a sharing room:
$7900 paid in full upfront as an early bird special until Feb 14th
Three payments of $2900
Six payments of $1500
for a single/king bedroom suite:
$9900 paid in full upfront as an early bird special until Feb 14th
Three payments of $3970
Six payments of $2180
**Please note that we have had quite a big request for this course
We will take max 14 participants for this course and will only offer it again in 2021