Welcome to the most efficient one-week Cellular Regeneration Program you will ever try at home. I firmly believe that we need cellular health to fully blossom into our highest destiny. The time for transformation is here and reclaiming our light bodies and sacred essence is now more important than ever before.

It has taken me years of searching and personal testing to compile this list of wonderful products and, up until now, this experience has only ever been available to my 1:1 clients.

Since my 1:1 coaching has a waiting list of up to four months, I have developed this program so that you can begin the detox journey in your own in a powerful and effective way.

The sole intention of this program is giving you the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. Wanting to make this sacred information more accessible in a time where health and self-connection is pertinent, we have launched the Rolls Royce Experience.

This super-efficient program will give you a powerful experience of what is possible for you, and will gently guide you through a process of deep elimination and cellular rebuilding. Whether you are just looking for improved vitality or if you are at a health crossroads, then this 7-day protocol, which you can extend to a month and more, will move the needle in a significant way.

Depending on the condition of the body, this program may or may not be enough, but it will be a powerful starting point as you embark on your journey towards your highest wellness goals.

I might even encourage you to repeat this program 2 to 4 times a year, in order assist you in feeling your best and reaching your highest. It is my belief and experience that most of us don’t even know what level of health is possible for us. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the opportunity to find out. For more information on the Rolls Royce Experience, which includes a complete guide to the week and the full list of products and where to purchase them, simply click below.

    It’s Time to Blossom into your True Essence

    The reality is that we live in a toxic world (I also believe we are moving towards rectifying this and it will take time). I am a realist and an idealist. I merge the two in coaching people from Fate to Destiny and most often I find that when we heal bodies, we heal our lives. At the root of many life problems are health problems, and at the root of our health problems are often life problems. My team and I work holistically, shamanically and spiritually, to give everything its rightful place and to set you on the best trajectory for you to live your destiny. We believe and teach that: ● You NEED a strong body and nervous system for your purpose to be fully expressed. ● You need a strong and balanced endocrine system to have a body that can be a vessel for source consciousness to flow through. ● Your body is the house of God, and the more aligned your body becomes then the more effortlessly your life will be in divine flow.


    The Rolls Royce Experience

    Every single product listed in this experience is 100% natural, and besides the glandulars, all the products are plant based without any fillers or isolates. These are THE best products I have found to date and they are a part of the reason why my clients get unmentionable results. These products work in a holistic symphony to bring you a complete detox experience.
    ● This is a seven-day Cellular Regeneration Experience.
    ● It will work for you no matter where you are at in your journey.
    ● This will work for you in profound ways - whether you eat an animal-based diet, a vegan, or an alkaline/raw vegan diet.
    ● The program meets you where you are at and it only requires minimal changes to get the full benefits.
    ● The more you prepare your body and the cleaner you go, the more profound the benefits you will experience.
    ● This protocol will give you a powerful experience of greatly improved vitality and clarity.
    ● You don’t want to leave out anything because every single product serves a purpose here (if you must leave some products out, make sure you take the first 10 at the very least).
    ● Most of the products will last you well beyond 7 days and will continue to benefit you greatly.

    The products utilized in the program will work holistically to cleanse the colon, cleanse the liver, provide digestive enzymes to help break down biofilm, remove dampness from the colon, eliminate toxic buildup, balance nutritional deficiencies, provide powerful nutritional sources to increase energy and stamina, remineralize the body, regenerate cells, put nutrients directly back into the body and brain, restore energy and vitality to the adrenals, and restore amino acids.

    The products include Zencleanz One Kit, Zencleanz Forgive Kit, Digestive Hara Quantum Particles, Hara Black Vacuum, Hara Fiber Crystals, Ambrosia, Oceans Alive, Sacred clay, milk thistle, Sea Vegetable Green powder, Mushroom Blend Coffee Substitute, Sea Clear Cleansing Probiotic Superfood and Glandular Liyf Essential Amino Acids.