Heal anything through Cellular Detoxification

LIVINGmucusFREE is founded on the principle that health has nothing to do with what we add, and everything to do with what we eliminate

This simple truth has the power to radically change the way we think of health and healing. It took me 20 years of health studies, motivated by my own health crisis that no doctor could heal, to experience this paradigm shift and repair my physical body.

Through this shift, I also resolved the emotional and mental obstructions that were preventing me from quantum leaping forward into the life I always wanted – one in which I was whole, free and in harmony with my true nature. I don’t just work on the physical body, and never just with the spirit, but always on all planes at once. And this is why LIVINGmucusFREE is one of the most cutting edge, comprehensive and successful healing systems available today.

“Nothing is more acidic than negative emotions and unresolved trauma”

Along with certain foods, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma create physical obstructions

Animal products, most grains, most fats and all processed food create mucus in the body. Over time this mucus accumulates, hardens and obstructs, becoming the perfect breeding ground for pathogens. Leaving us trapped within a body that is unable to heal from ANY dis-ease; be it allergies, cancer, thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, IBS, depression or mystery illnesses.

Trauma solidifies in our bodies where it creates obstructions and an acidity/alkalinity imbalance, leading to further dis-ease. Which is why becoming mucus free is about so much more than just detoxing, going raw or eating a plant-based diet. Eliminating excess mucus from our bodies leads to bringing everything to the surface that is standing between us and radiant health and empowered living. As we eliminate the physical causes for obstruction, the emotional causes come to the surface like air trapped bubbles.

Book my talks, The One Day Detox Bootcamp or The Two Day Full Immersion Program

I have put together a series of talks and presentations to familiarize people with my cutting edge healing program and to spread these paradigm shifting teachings far and wide.

All my talks are experiential and interactive and will leave you with an embodied experience of what is possible, an opening to a different way of looking at health and the interconnectedness of everything.



90- 120 min talks followed by a half an hour Q&A. Include interactive experiences such as some light movement, meditation, sound bath and food experiences. Prices per person with a minimum of 10:

Talk only: $122 pp
Talk & LIVINGmucusFREE gourmet buffet:
$162 pp

f you'd like to add a Sound Bath Experience please reach out to us for pricing.

TALK TOPICS (Click to learn more)

+ How to be a healthy vegan - what is LIVINGmucusFREE and how it takes plant based eating to the next level

As much as it's wonderful to see veganism and plant-based eating so strongly on the rise, eating this way does not automatically lead to good health.

In this talk I will address:

  1. the root cause of dis-ease
  2. how the body's main systems of elimination work and why elimination is the key to health
  3. the protein myth and how a focus on protein is killing us slowly
  4. kidney filtration as the real key to health
  5. how to heal the gut for good
  6. the three pillars of health and why they are all you need to know
  7. how our unresolved emotions can sabotage us
  8. how to be radiantly healthy on a plant-based/vegan diet

Participants will come away with a very good idea of how to become healthy on a plant-based diet and how to make the necessary changes to experience dramatic improvements in their health and vitality

+ How to heal anything through Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration

We have been made to fear dis-ease and reject pain and made modern medicine into the holy grail. Whilst we might be living longer, we are getting sicker and our quality of life is decreasing whilst we are forgetting how good we are meant to feel in our bodies.

In this talk I will address:

  • What is dis-ease
  • What are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causes of dis-ease
  • How and why Cellular Detoxification is the key to healing ANY dis-ease
  • How to make Cellular Detoxification work for you
  • How any dis-ease is always an invitation for great growth and how it serves your evolution
  • How to lose the fear of all dis-ease and start thriving on all levels
  • How to become the writer of your DNA
  • The three pillars of health and why they are all you need to know
  • How the root of dis-ease is emotional and the importance of releasing trauma on a cellular level
  • Why knowing your purpose and finding meaning in your life is the key to healing any illness

Participants will come away empowered and inspired knowing that dis-ease is nothing to fear but always a gift and an opportunity. Participants will also learn what first steps they can take to take full charge of their health and to begin thriving

+ How to stay Forever Young and youthful

The quest for youth will never leave us and maybe it is so for good reason, because we intuitively know that ageing the way it happens to most, is simply not necessary - it is a choice.

In this talk I will address:

  • What is ageing and what ages us
  • How to reverse ageing through Cellular Detoxification
  • Why regular Dry Fasting is the key to being ageless
  • How to increase your Human Growth Hormone and Stem Cell Production naturally
  • Why hydration and remineralization is they key to youthful radiance
  • How to exercise for youthfulness and why most exercise exacerbates ageing
  • The dangers of modern anti-aging and youthening practices
  • The biology of belief and how consciousness affects how you will age
  • Participants will come away with a very good understanding of what ages us and how to begin reverse ageing with very simple techniques that can be applied daily for quick results.

What we eat affects our mental and emotional outlook far more than we can fathom. Eating foods that create cellular obstruction will affect our level of consciousness and our connection to source. To the contrary, eating in a way that removes obstruction from the body and activates our master glands will lead us to experience reality in a whole new way.

In this talk I will address :

  • How food affects our consciousness
  • How we think we are free individuals yet are inexorably linked to the consciousness of those who came before us [our ancestors]
  • What our microbiome and gut flora has to do with the way we think and feel
  • How to eliminate physical and mental obstruction and how this leads to our freedom
  • Why meditation and spiritual work alone is not enough
  • Why fasting and dry fasting is the most powerful way to shift our consciousness
  • How to be able to hold onto our shifts in consciousness and start living in higher dimensions
  • Participants will come away with a deep understanding of the link between food and consciousness and how to use food, detox and fasting as a way to expand their consciousness and start embodying higher and higher vibrations.

+ IT'S NOT ABOUT FOOD: Disordered eating - a deep look at Binge Eating and Bulimia in particular as the last dark taboo and how it actually has nothing to do with food.

In many ways eating disorders and Bulimia in particular, are still treated as taboos and deeply misunderstood . Yet it is estimated that about 15% of the population, in developed countries, suffer from an eating disorder - in my experience these statistics are extremely conservative. Food equals love and nurturance for most of us. In my experience the vast majority of people, including men, have a disordered relationship with food. Awareness and compassion for our misguided relationship with food is the first step towards finding a new and healthy relationship with food.

In this talk we will explore:

  • How food equals to love and nurturance for most
  • How we are all addicted to food
  • How Food is just a substitute for what we are really looking for
  • How fasting and cellular detoxification can heal our relationship with food even though it initially brings everything to the surface
  • How any addiction is always just a symptom pointing towards deeper issues
  • How to resolve the root causes for our addictions and use them for our growth and evolution

Participants will come away with a new and in depth understanding of the nature of addiction and how disordered eating is really just a symptom of deeper issues and how to heal ourselves once and for all.





Initiation into LIVINGmucusFREE
Talks plus One Day Detox format

$678 per person (minimum of 10 participants)

Each day will begin at 7am with a Kundalini yoga class and flow into sections of talks and Q&A alternated with meditations, breathwork, meal preparation classes, sharing circles and a deep muscle work class. We will end day two with a gourmet LIVINGmucusFREE buffet.

The One Day Detox-Bootcamp -Living the high vibrational lifestyle.

$387 per person (minimum of 10 participants )

This one day workshop is a fully comprehensive immersion where you will experience what a full day of detoxification looks and feels like. You will learn the key components of effective Cellular Detoxification and be taken through the detox one day program (see below).


  • 7am Kundalini Yoga class - Learn why kundalini yoga is one of the most effective ways of cleansing the lymphatic system and activating all of our energy centers. Discover some simple exercises that you can incorporate daily.

  • 9am Sharing Circle - Learn why eating is such an emotional experience, and how to sit with your emotions and transmute them.

  • 10am Detox Talk - Learn how to begin detoxing at a cellular level at a level what is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

  • 11am Break our Dry Fast - I will teach you how to make the most delicious and detoxifying juices to support your lymphatic system and kidney health.

  • 12pm Learn breathwork and how to raise your energy by using the natural elements.

  • 1pm Meal Preparation Class (Lunch) - Learn a few very easy and on the go detoxification meals.

  • 2pm Deep rest and relaxation - Experience a deep meditation and rest for your whole body. Learn how to regenerate on a cellular level. Followed by a final talk on self-care and a Q&A.

  • 3.30pm Deep Muscle Work class - Work your body at the deepest level without stressing your nervous system or harming your ligaments.

  • 4.30pm Closing Circle - With fruits, sharings and a closing meditation.

    As a participant you will come away from the workshop with an embodied experience of what deep cellular detox entails and you will be inspired and empowered to repeat this day as often as you chose to and to take your health to the next level

    As a participant you will receive a video of :

  • 20 min kundalini yoga practice that you can incorporate into your day

  • 20 min deep muscle workout

  • the recipes from the bootcamp

  • cellular regeneration and activation video

  • LIVINGmucusFREE recipe book

"One day with Alex has profoundly changed my life and how I view what is possible - she is for real"

"this truly is cutting edge stuff... many of us know it in our head but Alex teaches you to live it -I'll never look back because you just can't"


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