"My work with Alex has been nothing short of miraculous. I knew working with her would be life changing, but I truly did not think I could shift so much in one year. I was in such a mess on all levels when I started- I was truly at wits end! I won’t lie, its been challenging AF at times, but her authentic love and commitment pulled me through. At 42 I have never felt more excited, more healthy, more confident about my life and I finally know I can have it ALL." 
- Claire. Marketing Manger
"I found that Alex is not only a guide. Her gift is to plug you in…so to speak! And then the lights just go on. When you step into that space of trust and surrender (with yourself and with her), things start to happen for you. She has not recipe, no one school of thought but she knows how to hold you for your highest unfoldment. It is way our of the ordinary -it has nothing and everything to do with food and fasting. I will never be able to thank her enough -everything in my life has changed for the better and I am finally in my full power on all fronts!"
- Mariette. Visionary, Author, World Schooling Coach
"Dive in, if it calls you, just dive in! I didn’t know what I got myself into and I am glad I just listened. These last three months have been the most transformative months of my life and I can’t believe the bliss I am living! Alex is truly an amazing guide -her love, wisdom and guidance will get you to your healthiest version of yourself and the ripple effects will be felt in every area of your life."
- Alex, Doctor of Chinese Medicine