The A-Z of Liver Cleansing Foods

The liver does not get talked about enough in cellular detoxification and for a while, I thought that it’s because the liver does not need attention, but that is not true. Through being called to work on my liver, I am learning so much through personal experience and research.

The liver is a big organ with a big task. The health of the liver is crucial to proper cellular detoxification. Heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, heavy foods and in particular, a diet of high protein and high fat will weigh the liver down. The liver thrives on sugar and when we eat too much fat the liver plays up. If you incorporate as many of the foods listed below as possible, you’ll be off to a good start.

The best foods to help you to detox the liver:

  • Apples

Wonderful liver toners and deeply detoxifying

  • Apricots

Dried or fresh – they contain phytochemical compounds that support liver detox. You can make a great dressing using a few dried apricots, lime juice, orange juice, a sprinkle of garlic, lucuma to thicken, along with dulse, hemp seeds and water.

  • Artichokes

Deeply detox the liver and are best consumed raw. Eat this thinly sliced with lots of rocket, lime/lemon juice, raisins and a few activated walnut crumbles. You can add umami powder for a gourmet meal.

  • Asparagus

Provides a rare type of flavonoid. This soothes the liver; helps calm a sick liver and helps to purge toxins.

  • Bananas

Provide a type of glucose for the liver that’s incredible. Bananas are antiviral, anti-yeast, antibacterial and antifungal.

  • Beets

All red fruit are great for the liver, including red dragon fruit, which can also be used for smoothies mixed with berries, dates and coconut water or spring water.

  • Berries

All types are powerful liver detoxifiers

  • Celery

A powerful detoxifier! As much as I do not like drinking it straight I love mixing celery juice with pineapple, lime and coconut water or apple, lime and ginger. Both combinations really support the liver. You can also make a smoothie with celery juice as a base and add cilantro, baby spinach, pineapple, banana or mango for a perfect meal.

  • Citrus Juices

Great for the liver as they are astringent and simultaneously accelerate the detox pathways for Phase 2, whilst slowing down Phase 1 which often detoxifies too quickly causing damage or sluggishness.

  • Grapes (dark variety)

Concorde grape juice with lemon is a powerful liver cleanser

  • Rocket

This herb gently purges the liver and combines nicely with apples, lime juice and a little celery.

  • Tomatoes

Help to detox the liver

To reiterate, if you incorporate as many of these foods as possible, you’ll be off to a great start! Read about the best herbs to incorporate here.

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