Maybe like me…

  • you’ve tried it all, down to keto and paleo diets, but somehow you are still not thriving?
  • you are tired of being sick and tired?
  • you want more energy to do what you came here for?
  • you are wondering if you can really “have it all”?
  • you are beginning to wonder if you are just doomed?
  • you wonder how much more work it’s going to take to just live in bliss?
  • you wonder if maybe you are just asking for “too much”?

If you resonate with the above, that is exactly where I was at only 6 years ago!

And still you’re massively out of alignment…

My health had crashed, I was bedridden, I had been working my ass off, making great money but not living my bliss, my relationship was sweet but not exciting , there was a lot of anger and grief in my body and I just did not feel free to live my whole truth, in fact, I didn’t even know what it was!

In other words, I WAS MASSIVELY OUT OF ALIGNMENT on all levels! Because you see, what I have learnt since then, is that you cannot heal only parts of your life, it’s either ALL or NOTHING.

I mean, you can, you can fool yourself…

…but it will be out of integrity and therefore, even if you can tick off some of the boxes, you will not be truly thriving until you have EVERYTHING you desire and until everything in your life has its rightful place.

Now here is the thing…. we’ve all been led to believe that we can’t have EVERYTHING, that something has to give, that we need to “just be happy with what we have”, and that is where I call BULLPOOP! Not only can you! YOU MUST!

Only once you are fully empowered and on YOUR GOLDEN PATH can you truly be fully satisfied, and actually, we all somehow know this deep down right?

In my experience, the journey begins by FULLY THRIVING in a healthy, vibrant body and that is why CELLULAR DETOXIFICATION is at the basis of all my transformational programs.



Now here is another big lie we have been told…

that holds us back in more ways than we can fathom…. and that is that our bodies can’t heal themselves, that we need doctors, pills and supplements to heal and that even then, our bodies are made to degenerate, break down and die
or that we need to hack our bodies and make use of science and the newest technology to outsmart death and aging…


Let me show you a whole new way at looking at nutrition

strictly speaking, there are only three main points that determine whether your diet is healthy or not:

1. Is your diet nutrient dense?

meaning, do you get a high return of investment from your food with minimal metabolic impact (!) . High return of investment with minimal risk, it’s what every entrepreneur looks for right?

The same goes for our bodies, we want maximum impact with minimal wear and tear SIMPLE. So for example, when eating PROTEIN, what we are actually needing is AMINO ACIDS.

If I eat a steak, my body first needs to use energy to break down the complex proteins into amino acids through a series of complex metabolic processes that require a lot of energy. On top of it the body has to deal with the fats in the meat, which is yet a whole other process and it needs to dispose of the ~68% waste that makes up meat. So in essence, for a whole lot of energy expenditure, my body is only getting ~32% returns on that steak.
Whereas, when I eat a bowl of alfalfa sprouts my body finds readily available amino acids that are much more bio-available and with a fraction of metabolic expenditure. So now you are getting about a ~95% return of investment.

Does that make sense? When I first learnt to look at my food in this way a HUGE lightbulb went off in my mind and my view on nutrition was forever changed
The reality is that in terms of nutrient density and bio-availability, a plant based diet simply wins ALL the time and that is factual.

2. How much waste does your diet leave behind?

so here we go back to looking at the steak example. A steak has no fiber and minimal water content. Meat creates acidity in the body which the body then needs to buffer, so that creates metabolic waste but takes very little to no waste out with it.

As we discussed, ~68% of that steak is waste to the body and that waste needs to be handled by the body in some way. Fruit and vegetables on the other hand leave minimal waste behind and take a whole lot of waste with them. If we look at food in terms how much acidic ash they leave behind we will see that fruit and greens have the least impact on the body, then we move to things like starchy veggies, legumes, ancient grains and so forth up the ladder of obstruction.

A healthy, well functioning body can of course handle 10-20% of waste or obstruction no problem, but it’s easy to see that we have a problem when we’ve spent a lifetime eating obstructive foods without even taking time to clean up!

2. How much waste does your diet take with it?

As mentioned above, fruit and vegetables take away the most waste from our body. The live enzymes and minerals in fruit act as scubbers whilst the greens act as brooms in our body taking with it waste that is stagnating in the body and therewith alkalize the body. When you eat an apple or a mango, ~98% of the fruit is absorbed and utilized by your body with minimal effort. Simple fruit sugars do not even cause an insulin response in a healthy body as they are absorbed via osmosis. That is how efficient eating fruit is. High water content greens are just as great and as we move higher up in density, we also move higher in obstructive power.

If you want maximum return on investment, a diet of 50%-80% fruit is absolutely ideal for health, energy and longevity. As easy as that sounds, it’s a real journey to undo the metabolic damage we have done to ourselves from a lifetime of eating an obstructive diet. Which is why this process needs to be undergone systematically and with great patience.

The greatest news of all is that once you start the journey of cellular detoxification and regeneration your health and life just keep on getting better and better as the years go by In other words, it will feel like you are reversing the aging process.

“this lifestyle just gets better and better the longer you live it, my energy just keep soaring and I need to find new ways of expanding it”

What makes it different to ALL other diets out there?

It puts all other eating philosophies in their rightful place and teaches how to truly thrive on a plant based diet which is correct for our species.
You may not agree and I say, give it 3 months, just to detox your body deeply, then reintroduce your favorite animal products and your body will tell you if it works or not, no dogma here

LIVINGmucusFREE is a way of UNDOING WHAT HAS BEEN DONE on all levels, which is why this process is not a quick fix, and one that will lead to ever evolving health

LIVINGmucusFREE understands that our modern bodies are at an all time critical level of degeneration on a cellular level due to generations of wrongful eating and treatment based thinking from the medical system

Lifestimes of eating non species specific foods, has left our bodies in need of being brought back to a state where the body can heal itself, rather than just tweaking the superficial chemistry. We acknowledge that the body can heal ANYTHING, no matter how advanced or acute, when the right internal terrain is prepared and cultivated

Once healed we can veer slightly off the path and find our own way within this lifestyle and the beauty is that you will then have the knowledge of how to heal your body of anything, anytime and how to work within the weaknesses and strengths of YOUR particular body

Alexandra Cousins has created LmF out of her 20+ year studies in nutrition and natural health and combined the teachings of Dr Arnold Ehret, Dr Robert Morse, Dr Gabriel Cousens, The Medical Medium, The Hippocrates Institute of Health, the work of Ronnie Landis, David Wolf, Dr Jensen, Dr Bisci and many other natural hygienists as well as elements of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Out of her own health crisis and subsequent healing, LIVINGmucusFREE was born as a very clear and profound path to thriving and reclaiming the power to heal your body and your life on all levels

LIVINGmucusFREE is really about LIVING FREE!

What stands between you and LIVING FREE is mucus, and by mucus we mean the actual physical mucus that the body excretes as a protection mechanism in response to eating foods that are mucus producing.

This mucus builds up over the course of many years, in fact it is even passed on to us through birth, that is what we call cellular degeneration. The build up leads to the degeneration of organs and glands as well as further waste accumulation through fermentation and stagnation. This leads to stagnation and cellular malfunction and then years down the line we call this dis-ease and we give it a name. Meanwhile, all it really is is manmade degeneration.

All animal products, with dairy being the worst culprit (yes even raw/grassfed/pasture raised), as well as all grains (besides alkaline grains like spelt, millet, quinoa, kamut, einkorn, teff and amaranth), and most legumes create mucus and acidity in the body.

So what does that leave??

Oh, you would be surprised how much variety this lifestyle affords you! All fruits and vegetables, alkaline grains and a few alkaline legumes, a long list of spices and herbs, various super foods, super greens and powerful tonics. 

So who is it for?

LIVINGmucusFREE tends to be for two kinds of people, the first kind is the chronically or acutely ill who has tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked. That was me, Alexandra Cousins, the founder of LIVINGmucusFREE – you can read my full story here. When you get to a place where all the fad diets, alternative healing and functional practitioners have got no answers… then you tend to be ready to truly heal OR You are one of the awakened ones and have realized that your body is your temple in this lifetime and that in order to live a high vibrational life your vessel needs to be able to hold the higher frequencies you wish to embody.

Ultimately LIVINGmucusFREE, is of course, for everyone including children, however, most are still too addicted to their comfort foods to even contemplate letting go of them. I have to admit that I myself was dragged to this lifestyle by my hair and I am all the happier for it and all others on this path will tell you the same; that’s why we stay here!

So is it a detox?

Yes, it is a detox and it is different to all others because it systematically transitions you to a place where the body is actually open to detox and then it progressively advances into deeper states of detox and rebuilding. We move back and forth between stripping and rebuilding periods, times where we are more stringent and even fasting and eating predominantly raw foods, and other times where we include cooked foods which are mucus lean if that feels best

Detoxing the body is not a quick process. You can do a little cleanse of 7, 14 even 21 days and feel great because you have given your body a break; and that is a great first step.

Cellular detoxification goes way deeper. Here we strip the various layers of build up, open up the elimination channels –colon, kidneys, lymph system, skin and lungs. Unless these channels are open and well functioning, no amount of detoxing is actually going to get the toxins out of the body, which is where you need them to be.
As we eliminate toxicity from the various organs we take breaks to rebuild as well until we achieve our desired state of health.

How long does it take to regenerate? 

That depends on many things like, how sick/degenerate were you when you begun?
How old are you?
How stressed are you?
How connected are you to your body?
How attached are you to your addictions?
How dedicated are you?

Most people start having notable shifts in how they feel within 3-6 months. If you are very dis-eased this may take more like 12-18 months, even though you will see notable changes as your body starts to regenerate. Things may also look like they are getting worse before they get better, such is the nature of detox.
We’ve had people heal their aggressive breast cancer in 6 months, whilst it took me 2 years to feel like my adrenals and thyroid were back to a sort of normal.
Ultimately it’s important to note that this is a lifestyle, a path that the longer you walk it, the better it gets.
It may sound complicated initially but it’s really not at all once you make the shift in consciousness.

What can speed up the process?

  • Getting help by working with me or one of mentors is inevitably going to make your journey easier and save you time of trial and error
  • Using the right herbs and the intelligent use of natural supplements along the way will also majorly assist your regeneration journey
  • Working on your emotions, releasing trauma, stepping into your divine purpose and doing what it takes to becoming ecstatic about life will greatly help you and shortcut this journey; our group coaching or 1:1 mentorship can greatly heal you shift the needle in the right direction by assisting you with the above
  • Coming to one of our retreats where you can experience our cutting edge treatments which have been carefully researched and selected for maximum efficacy is going to make a major difference on your journey and speed up the process.

Health has been made into a multibillion dollar industry, probably more like trillions if we put the medical system, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and alternative healing industry together

When in reality Healing is so very simple!
I use to be a hypochondriac and I was terrified of dis-ease. Now I know how to heal my body and that dis-ease is always man made and that a healthy and strong body, along with an aligned mind and spirit will always be able to heal itself. 


It’s very simple, it’s not out there in a big way (yet) because it would seriously crash the world economy! If every human on the planet would stop fearing their bodies and understand where dis-ease comes from and how to heal, it would seriously impact the world’s economy.
The other truth is that most people simply are not ready for this level of self responsibility and power! Most people do not want to take responsibility and would much rather continue believing that they are powerless. There is nothing wrong with that either, we are all on our journey and all will be revealed in perfect time.

Start by bringing awareness to everything you eat, why you eat it, what you are eating for, what emotions accompany your food choices

Make notes, don’t judge yourself and know that whatever food you chose…. it’s never about the food itself but about how the food makes you feel and how it interacts with your microbiome and with your consciousness
know that, as you start making different choices and changing your microbiome, this will affect your consciousness and therefore it will affect your thoughts, mood and cravings-even if right now that makes no sense at all.

IF YOU HAVE A CHRONIC OR ACUTE DIS-EASE YOU ARE WANTING TO HEAL, I highly suggest getting some guidance from either myself or one of our coaches.

IF YOU ARE COMING OFF A SAD diet or if you are eating animal products, drinking coffee, consuming loads of proteins and/or grains then my suggestion would be to simply start leaving those out one by one.
Dairy being the most harmful to the lymphatic system and therefore I suggest letting it go first.

You could also just play and experiment…. see what happens if you just leave out dairy for a week or three… observe yourself and body through the experience.
If you are drinking coffee, try to find some substitutes that are satisfying –Rasa coffee is a good one

If you must still eat meat/fish, start making better choices by eating strictly grass fed and organic and ideally know the farm and farmer it comes from. It’s not ideal, but it’s a step in the right direction! Let all animal products go as soon as you can for deep cellular healing and regeneration

Bring awareness to all the packaged and processed foods you ingest and commit to making things from scratch, rather than buying convenient foods which often (even when “gluten free”/”organic”) have bad oils (canola and sunflower oil being the worst) in them! Buy foods that have very simple ingredients and make sure you know what every ingredient on the list is.

ADD more greens and raw foods to your diet and at some point, add fruit to your diet.

If you are coming off a KETO diet you will have to be very careful with adding fruit and should first start cleansing with greens to get the fats in your blood down and lymphatic stagnation down.

If you are still choosing to eat animal products then best to keep your fruit low GI and/or to do 1 or 2 days a week where you do only fruit or fruit and greens.
Keep it simple, don’t give yourself a headache over what to eat.
Fruit and greens in the most simplest of ways; fruit are the scrubbers and greens are the brooms.

If you need delicious recipes, join our monthly members only group and get all the support you need on all levels, find mucus lean ideas with alkaline grains and low in fat and full support in terms of answers to your detox questions and emotional support.

If you are already vegan or raw vegan and suffering from health issues,

Then that is also because accumulated stagnation and mucus. Chances are you never detoxed from your previous diet and you are still eating mucus forming foods such as grains, too many fats, nuts and seeds and stimulants. You will then be ready to dive into the deeper layers of detox my adding dry fasting to your protocol (periods of no food or water), eliminating most fats and grains and focusing on fruit and greens and work with herbs to start digging deeper.

Colon cleansing is always the place to start, and trust me when I say this can keep you busy for a long time! Healing the gut and then addressing the liver, heavy metal toxicity, candida, parasites, pathogens etc. is what is next and you can find protocols for each in our members only group

At some point you will be ready to start with some fruit fasting and juice fasting and subsequent rebuilding protocols. That is what the journey looks like.

DON’T WORRY, as daunting as this journey may look like to you, the reason why we have such an incredibly high retention rate and why people want to invest in our real estate developments is because people LOVE how they feel on this lifestyle never mind what emerges as a result of living it!

Rebuilding is just as important as detoxing, in between detoxing it will be important to rebuild and rebuilding needs to be done correctly because now your body is wide open and clean… it’s like a spunge and so what you put in it matters greatly.

Many fear losing too much weight or any weight at all because they are already skinny. The same foods that will make you lose weight, will also help you put healthy back on once the body is alkalized. I have seen this over and over.

You do not need proteins to build a big healthy body, you just need to get your cells healthy and electric again and your body will rebuild beautifully on high quality amino acids found in fruit, vegetables, sprouts, some alkaline grains if need be and some select super foods. That is all the body needs to thrive; in fact the cleaner the body becomes, the less it will need and the more power and vitality it will have!
True and tested! That’s what I mean when I say everything you we have been told about health nutrition is wrong!

Here is your beginners protocol:

Whilst you are still consuming mucus forming foods and transitioning, I suggest doing the following for 2-3 months to get you started with detoxing your body gently but with impact

Of course it goes without saying that the more you eliminate the main culprits the better your results

  • Start cleaning out the colon by doing enemas (see the file on enemas for instructions and kit in the FB group ) or colonics weekly, ozone colonics being the best
  • Take TRIPHALA twice per day to start cleaning out your colon and heal your digestive system 
  • Take MANJISTHA twice per day to start cleaning your lymphatic system and avoid healing crisis. Manjistha will also support the liver and kidneys
  • Take BRAHMI twice per day to support the gut/brain connection and give you more energy and clarity one of the best things you can start taking are these powerful digestive enzymes in high doses! Take 10-20 capsules two to three times per day to start dissolving the biofilm, which is the the seat of so many digestive issues and dis-ease.
  • Take oil of oregano to kill of pathogens which you are sure to have unless you have done extensive detoxing and are LIVINGmucusFREE
  • Take apple cider vinegar daily before meals – about a swig or a tbsp in water. This is really just for beginners and not conducive to health once you are LIVINGmucusFREE
  • Take berberine, to dissolve biofilm, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and to stabilize blood sugars
  • If you have severe problems with inflammation, gut dysbiosis, allergies and swelling then these systemic enzymes are powerful allies 
  • Whilst you are still eating animal products and not really diving into deep healing of the gut, I do suggest taking probiotics to help things along, these are really powerful and I suggest taking them at least twice per day and to experiment with higher doses too
  • If you want to start cleaning out the colon, these caps are great or you could make the pudding as per the “detox tools” file
  • If constipation is a big problem for you and you have recurring yeast infections then this is a great product to take.
  • This will give you results fast if you want to wean off proteins but don’t want to lose muscle mass, this amino acids powder is great to add to your smoothies and gently transition off proteins 

This would be a really good starting protocol and will give you an idea of what is possible.

The second phase: 

The second phase involves our specific protocols and products which we only see alongside our coaching packages so as to ensure that you are detoxing correctly and safely.

Okay I'm ready! Book me in

You may feel a whole lot better on this protocol and have minimal healing crisis, others will feel big improvements but also that this is not enough. It may be enough for a few months or a year and then your body may be ready to dive deeper into detox and clean up.Learning to listen to your body is an important part of the healing process, as well as knowing when it is time to dig deeper and when it’s time to integrate.

If you are dealing with eating disorders, binge eating, addictive behaviors, then this protocol might help you, or you may need some additional help on an emotional level -reach out if you do or see my coaching packages.

See my coaching packages

The journey towards optimal health is one of the most rewarding journeys I have ever embarked on, also because it does not only affect your body but your whole self. It affects your thinking, the way you feel and the way you view the world.

LIVINGmucusFREE has changed my whole life and awareness of life in profound ways, because as the body heals and strengthens, so does our connection with source and all that is and then we discover…. that we are born… SUPERNATURALS!


  1. Anything containing an artificial or concentrated (liquid or granular) sweetener (even the natural ones), especially if the sweetener is a glucose or sucrose type sweetener, like agave, granulated sugars, concentrated fructose, maple syrup, or molasses. 

  2. Just keep in mind that fruits or most sweeteners and fats/oils are best not mixed in the same meal. Consume each food group in separate meals to avoid the sugar-fat conflict.

  3. Insulin resistance takes place when meat of all kinds is combined with starches/sweets (because meats are exceptionally hard to digest, acidify the body, and will always contain fats that conflict with the sugar).

  4. Because meats typically contain fats, and most celebration meals will also contain starches and sugars, the combination of the two results in fungal overgrowth (from insulin resistance) and viral proliferation (viruses feed on both fats and toxins).

  5. Cookies, pastries, desserts, and candies, (beware of the “natural” ones). “Organic” does not always mean safe for you. Most of these contain concentrated sweeteners and oils that disrupt sugar metabolism, thus leading to chronic diseases. (I know this is not welcome news, but the truth none-the-less). Make your own with our recipes using only ancient, alkaline grains like amaranth, spelt, einkorn, emmerkorn, millet

  6. Beware of sweetened chocolate, due to the concentrated sugar (“organic cane sugar”) in combination with the cacao butter, cream, nuts, or a few ingredients which cannot be pronounced. 

  7. The least compromising chocolate treat uses raw fermented cacao, licorice root, stevia, or yacon, and sea salt or spices, possibly some green superfoods, and very little else (assuming such a chocolate could be found or made).

  8. Nuts are extremely hard to digest (even when soaked, demonstrated by the way the nut butters stick to the teeth, therefore the gut walls), and way too easy to eat too many.

  9. Do not eat nuts with fruit, sweets, or starches (granola bars & trail mixes are classic food combining nightmares causing gas and bloat, the tell-tell sign of a food combining mistake).

  10. Also, unless you take the nuts out of the shell yourself, preferably off of your own tree in your back yard, the chance of beginning levels of mold and rancidity is great. How long has the nut been on the store shelf?

  11. Nuts and concentrated sugars are two of the greatest viral, fungal, and bacterial overgrowth promoters in the health food world.

  12. Concentrated added sugars are associated with higher blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver, non-alcoholic hepatitis, weight gain, and increased risk for diabetes. This does not apply to organic fruits, however.

  13. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is associated with cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. “Historically thought to result from overnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, recent evidence suggests that diets high in sugar (from sucrose and/or high-fructose corn syrup [HFCS]) not only increase the risk of NAFLD, but also non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).”

  14. While not as sweet, yacon root powder or cinnamon are safer alternatives. Whole fruit is also a wise choice where fats or oils are not part of the meal. 

  15. Honey, while natural, needs to be treated like a fruit, consumed apart from meals containing oils and fats, but can be acceptable with starches & grains.

  16. Sweeten with Licorice Root Powder (not the licorice candy) and Stevia Green Leaf Powder (not the stevia drops or white concentrated powder), cinnamon, or other spices.

  17. Use fruit, cucumber, sweet potatoes, or unpasteurized coconut water as a sweetener where appropriate (i.e. when fats or oils are not added).

  18. Licorice and stevia do not contain fructose, glucose, or sucrose and can be combined safely with oils and fats. 

  19. One reason concentrated glucose and sucrose sweeteners can be a dietary risk has to do with the need for insulin (an acidic hormone) to metabolize glucose and sucrose (which does not apply to fructose from fruit).

  20. The transport of glucose through the cell wall to create ATP (the energy molecule) causes a lactic acid buildup when oxygen levels are low to begin with from dietary acidity. The extra lactic acid further increases body acidity, placing an additional strain on the eliminative organs (liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bowels, and lymph system).

  21. Fructose from whole fruit, (not an extract concentrate like high fructose syrup or agave) does not trigger insulin, as whole fruit-derived fructose is able to enter the cells without insulin support (as long as the excess fat has not plugged the sugar receptor sites in the cell wall).

  22. Watermelon is well known in some circles for reversing diabetic ketoacidosis due to its alkalizing effects and low glycemic load.

  23. The Ketogenic diet, especially for lactating mothers, or diets high in concentrated sugar, increases body acidity, and can be life threatening. A low fat, high starch diet, on the other hand, allows for more fruit, like watermelon, to maintain body alkalinity. 

  24. Fructose is actually more efficient at creating the ATP molecule than glucose itself. Since insulin is not required to deliver fructose through the cell wall (as it is with glucose), fructose from fruit is a safe sweetener for diabetics, providing fat is not interfering with sugar passing through the sugar receptors at the cell wall. 

  25. Concentrated sugars (cane sugar & liquid concentrates) compound this problem, as high sugar levels in the blood also reduce the ability of acids to be excreted from the body via the urine.

  26. Concentrated sugars cause the body to become over-acidic, thus thickening/reducing bile flow (used to digest fats). Not so with natural whole fruits. The University of Colorado found that “For weight loss achievement, an energy-restricted moderate natural fructose diet [from fruit] was superior to a low-fructose [from high fructose syrup] diet.

  27. Use whole foods, fruits, and herbs to sweeten beverages or dishes, but leave out the oils and fats to prevent insulin resistance in those dishes or drinks, or use Licorice Root Powder or Stevia Green Leaf Powder when fats are present.

  28. Undigested fats in the blood (caused partially by the over acid condition that thickens and slows the flow of bile fluids needed to digest fats) make it even more difficult to metabolize sugars resulting in a sugar spike.

  29. Undigested fats in the blood promote insulin resistance because the excess fat plugs up the sugar receptors in the cell wall, thus preventing the delivery of the sugar to the interior of the cell where it is needed most to create energy. 

  30. Yeast in the body consumes the excess sugar in the blood from the combination of sweets and fats, resulting in a fungal bloom, along with viral (eating fats) and bacterial (eating sugars) proliferation, followed by fuzzy brain, digestive bloat, over-acid stomach, interference with hormones, and an aggravation of many other health conditions in the body.

  31. When consumed apart from oils and fats, fruits and starches like potatoes (white, yellow, red, purple, and sweet), beans, lentils, rice, and squash are able to feed the energy producing ATP in the cells without acidifying the body.

  32. Chips (fried oils are often rancid, and oils should not be combined with starches like corn or potatoes). Most fried food is fried in canola oil (especially at restaurants), a GMO oil, rancid and chemically polluted.

  33. One new way of making a chip is with coconut oil. This is the least problematic way to combine an oil and a starch due to the fact that coconut oil is a partially predigested oil (so less bile is required to digest it). If an oil is desired with a starch, this is the safer way to go.

  34. Other fried foods (clogs the arteries, acidifies the blood, and interferes with sugar metabolism). Most all restaurant fried foods are fried with canola oil, a penetrating lubricant. This oil will always be rancid by nature, causes painful swollen joints, digestive disturbances, and a toxic condition in the body.

  35. Pasteurized cheese, cream, yogurt, and milk (all pasteurized dairy products are congesting, acidic, and toxic). Raw dairy has advantages for some in moderation, yet ultimately dairy will be eliminated in order to obtain the best of health due to its congesting, mucus producing properties, and due to the way dairy feeds the herpes, EBV, and shingles viruses. 

  36. Soy products and byproducts of all kinds (soy is most likely GMO, even if it is organic). Soy acts as an estrogen replacer, but does not restore production power to the hormone producers.

  37. Adaptogenic herbs rebuild hormone production power across the entire endocrine system and are far superior to soy in this regard. (Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend, Revitalize for Men / Women)

  38. Coffee being a stimulant and acidic to the body, does not add anything to your health at all. It drains your adrenals and keeps your nervous system in overdrive. The sooner you give up coffee completely, the sooner you can begin your journey to true health

  39. Decaf coffees are more likely to contain mold than regular coffee due to the longer soaking time required for extracting the caffeine. The coffee plant is one of the most chemicalized food plants in the world, so stick to organically grown beans from trusted sources if you must, until you can let go completely

  40. Colas, even the “natural” ones (usually loaded with sugars and acids). Most non-organic colas are made with phosphoric acid, and have a pH close to 2.0, causing great strain on the kidneys.

  41. Of course, “diet” sodas are sweetened with toxic chemicals that contribute to numerous diseases, including obesity.

  42. Alcohol does not have the health benefits that media and (industry funded) research reports have led us to believe. Alcohol depresses the immune system by weakening the spleen (a major contributor of antibodies whose job it is to tackle viruses and bacteria in the body).

  43. Alcohol also degenerates the brain similar to coffee (as per Dr. Amen’s brain scan revelations shown in the article).

  44. Kombucha & jun are gentler than the above, but can still worsen candida overgrowth and blow out the spleen due to its sugar/caffeine/alcohol content.

  45. Alcohol produces a serotonin response in the body, thus providing its mood elevating effects, offset, of course, by its reduction of inhibitions and motor skills, endangering lives in many ways.

  46. I know this is not new to most of you but, Eliminate packaged, processed foods and fast foods, due to the number of non-food chemical ingredients, rancid toxic oils, and concentrated sweeteners contained within most all of them.

  47. As well, if you are not sure if a fruit or vegetable has not been genetically modified, best to avoid it all together.  

  48. If the animal products are not from 100% organically fed animals, you likely have GMO feed ingredients bred into the flesh and fat of the animal. If you cannot give meat yet, the wilder the better -bison is an ok option until you are ready to give it up completely

  49. Sadly, most restaurants use conventional foods (commonly coated with RoundUp to speed harvesting times/yields) and canola oil, soy oil, peanut oil, or “vegetable” oil. Avoid these, as they promote inflammation throughout the body and increase the viral loads.

  • Depending on how ready you are, detoxing can be difficult, bewildering, highly pleasurable and exciting just as it can be completely frightening and downright painful for some. The wide of range of possibilities is often mistakenly taken for “oh my body is different and therefore this is not working for me”, when in reality, your reaction only indicates your level if degeneration. Yep, no other way to put it.

  • Detoxification literally can heal ANYTHING, now I know this is a bold claim for those that do not understand how our bodies truly work, but yes, in essence there is nothing you cannot heal or at least radically improve, through Cellular Detoxification. The emotional work that goes with plays a major role in this process too -which is why we work with trauma experts when necessary. 

  • Inflammation, Autoimmune Issues, Digestive Issues, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Calcification, Acidosis, Cancer, Colon issues, Liver weakness, Adrenal Fatigue, Allergies, Arthritis, Lyme, Fungal infections, Parasite infestations, Hormonal Issues, Endocrine imbalances, Mood issues, Depression, Infertility, Chronic Fatigue, Heart Problems etc –all can and will be resolved as a matter of time through Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration

  • Whilst we will tailor our protocols to your specific needs and upon request even work with DNA testing, facial mapping and energy readings; ultimately we have learnt that are bodies are more alike than they are different. What differs is our level of degeneration and that is where customisation comes in.
  • As your body starts to respond to detoxification, EVERYTHING changes, your mood, the way you think, the way you look, the way you experience life itself and therefore the way you start showing up in the world once your body starts to fully function again. That is what is most exciting to us because, inevitably you will step into your highest power and start shining your divinity onto the world. If this sounds like hogwash to you, don’t worry, it did to us before our transformation 😉
  • Healing the physical body is “just” a natural consequence of coming into full alignment with our true nature and living as nature intended
  • You will discover the freedom that comes with this lifestyle and how this lifestyle is not about Dogma but about following only your own truth that emerges from your body when it is functioning on all cylinders, so to speak
  • Whilst we do suggest staying fully plantbased during your healing and regeneration period, you are then free to reintroduce foods that you feel a resonance with. The beauty is that your bodies response will then determine whether they truly serve you or not. There will be no more guessing game or relying on external authorities, YOU will be your own authority
  • You will have endless energy, true energy, endogenous energy that will not feel hyped or high, but rather deeply rooted and solid and you will for the first time feel RADICALLY ALIVE…. and yes that can be scary initially when you have spent a lifetime being stimulated by exogenous energy source

Ultimately this lifestyle is for those that are looking to truly master themselves and become shamas (not hackers) of their own bodies

DISCLAIMER : this lifestyle is NOT a quickfix. You may (not necessarily) initially feel worse, as the weakness in your body is exposed. Now this is not clever marketing to put this at the end but it is the truth and you need to know this before embarking on your journey. Everything we do here is totally upside down from what science and medicine teaches, AND we have enough people thriving to know that this is THE WAY to fully thrive as you know you were meant to.
If you are still attached to being a certain size or always look “good” then this also might not be for you because as you go through detox you may glow one week and the next week go through an healing upgrade that leaves you looking a little less glam. What is important to keep in mind is that the REAL RESULTS of this total transformation will only be fully apparent in time – for some that is 6 months, for most it is more like 18-24 months.