“Alex is a total game changer. You will never look at life the same. I am top of my game on all levels

Peter De Luca, South Africa / Restaurateur/Hospitality and Health Nut

Call Alex, she is pure magic! My life is forever changed. I am living in divine flow and inspiring many to do the same. I can honestly say I love my life now!

Bridgette McMahon, South Africa / Entrepreneur and Coach

“Alex‘s guidance helped me honor myself deeply. This is thriving on a whole new level”

Asheem Agrasen, NY / Entrepreneur

“We cannot heal parts of ourselves
, it’s all or nothing.”

– Alex Cousins, Founder of LIVINGmucusFREE

Once I healed myself, after what seemed a lifetime of ongoing health and emotional struggles which eventually led to me being bedridden without any answers from Dr’s, I just knew that I had to bring these teachings out and share them with the world!

There is no greater reward and nourishment for my soul than to see my clients fully thrive, not just physically, but in all areas of their lives when I show them how to reclaim their light body. True healing really is about returning to our natural selves on all levels,  we cannot heal parts of ourselves, it’s all or nothing.

After years of suffering and confusion and doing the work on so many levels without ever really getting to full LIBERATION I finally saw how all is connected and how everything converges IN THE BODY. Only a sound body can lead the way to a sound mind and only a sound mind can lead the way to a truly harmonious life.

Healing is about ELIMINATION of obstruction, which is the accumulated waste and toxicity as well as the energetic accumulation through trauma and unprocessed emotions, this is what affects us, down to mutating our genetic expression. 

Under my mentorship I guide you through the physical steps of healing and upgrading the body through ELIMINATION, by applying the principles of Cellular Purification.  This is followed by REBUILDING through the principles of Cellular Regeneration. What really makes my work unique though, is that my skill at combining the physical work, with the deep mental, emotional and spiritual repatterning. This is not a quick fix. It’s a process and ultimately a lifestyle that gifts you a whole new reality. When we work together, we look at every aspect of your life and where you might be out of alignment so that we can bring you to fully thrive in all aspects of your life AND to live fully on purpose.

After 22+ years of doing the work in isolation, I have put everything together in one program that gives you everything you need to fully turn your life around and live the life you came here to live 

“What has been done must be undone – this is about terrain modification”

Which is why all my group programs focus on shifting your consciousness around what true health is and how it is achieved. I have been labeled the health Guru of our times, but really, all my team and I do is guide you back to your true nature.

Health and healing as well as growing and thriving in our natural state, when the inner terrain is conducive to our evolutions -it may not be easy, but it is simple.

If you’d like to be considered for one of our programs, we ask you to fill out our application so that my team and I may best direct you to the program that is best suitable for you.

We look forward to witnessing your highest blossoming and becoming part of the magic that that will allow you to spread in the world

All my love