“I feel a palpable distinction from anything else I have ever tried. Now that I am in my 5th decade of life I have enough experience to draw from to say this is a genius solution to inflammation and stiffness. I have never moved better and LIVINGmucusFREE has improved my health beyond what I deemed possible”

Katrina Sylvan, NY, Pilates Instructor and Celebrities Makeup Artist

“The first part of my healing journey was releasing the fears that the medical system placed in me, that I could drop dead at any moment without meds and heart op. Eight months later I am no longer sick! I don’t need meds, no heart problems, no candida, no chronic fatigue, no more belly bloat, no more receding gums! What can I say, I am so grateful to have found Alex and her work. This is the way to finally thrive!”

Amrita Devi, Au, Singer, Writer, Medicine Woman


Once I healed myself, after what seemed a lifetime of ongoing health struggles and eventually finding myself bedridden without any answers from Dr’s, I just knew that I had to bring these teachings out and share them with the world!

There is no greater reward and nourishment for my soul than to see my clients fully thrive, not just physically, but in all areas of their lives, as that is what true healing really is about. We cannot heal parts of ourselves, it’s all or nothing.

What I learnt is that health is actually simple

There is no real mystery to health and ANYTHING can be healed

even conditions that Dr’s tout as terminal or genetic

and I can be as bold as to say that (most) Dr’s, dieticians and even alternative health practitioners don’t know how to heal

they know how to treat, which is very different to healing

Healing involves all the bodies – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body

Healing is about ELIMINATION of obstruction, which is accumulated waste and toxicity as well energetic accumulation through trauma and unprocessed emotions, this is what affects us down to mutating our genetic expression

~ ~ ~

In my mentorship I guide you through the physical steps of healing the body through ELIMINATION by applying the principles of Cellular Detoxification  &  subsequent REBUILDING through the principles of Cellular Regeneration

If and when required, a lot of my focus is on emotional and mental repatterning

This is not a quick fix

It’s a process and ultimately a lifestyle (even if once healed it will be more fluid)

WHAT HAS BEEN DONE MUST BE UNDONE ~ this is about terrain modification

which is why my 1:1 programs are a minimum of 3 months

Realistically, if you are looking at reversing an acute or chronic condition, you are looking at 6 to 12 months at least

If you only want to do dip your toes or just have a bit of clean-up to do and want to familiarize with the lifestyle, 3 months are a good start

You can book a once-off session if you just want to feel me out or if you just have a few questions you’d like answered. This will include a personalized protocol to get you started.

Below are the various ways of working with me…

“The deeper the desire, the greater the power. To desire is to will it and will achieves”

  • When I commit to you and your healing and transformation I commit fully and I ask the same in return
  • What I offer, is not a cookie cutter protocol, I work with YOU as an individual and I go all in, unless you just require my nutritional advice which, often is inexorably linked to all other aspects of your life



Once-off Discovery Mentorship Session

Once-off 45 minute mentorship session, either in person or remotely.

  • Use this session to determine if you want to work with me

  • Use this session for clearing some emotional issues, often at the root of health issue

  • Use this session for get some nutritional advice and receive a personalized protocol to get you started on this lifestyle

  • Use this session for a quick energetic upgrade and make quantum leap


Cellular Detoxification & Regeneration Mentorship

Whether you are looking for deep cellular healing or just wanting to rejuvenate and optimize without diving too deeply into the emotional work (although we’ll inevitably touch on aspects of it), this package is the best starting point for you

Weekly sessions of 30 min. that will be geared towards your healing and optimization.
The first session will be 60 min. and involve an indepth health questionnaire upon which you will receive your personalized detoxification/regeneration protocol.
Every week we’ll revise your plan and tweak it according to you progress and needs.
*Some of my clients like to use this package also as a way to be held accountable and receive guidance during the preparation for their first fast and during the fast as well as the post-fast rebuilding period.

3 months $5555

6 months $9999

9 months $14999

Cellular Alignment Mentorship

For those of you that are needing deeper support and guidance on your healing journey, this is the package for you. Here we will not only work with the body but also look at all aspects of yourself and your life to align that which is out of alignment.

Weekly 75 min sessions and my full support on WhatsApp

We’ll start off with an in-depth health questionnaire and emotional/life assessment and move between what is happening for you on a physical level, mentally and emotionally. This process will assist you to step into your highest self by shedding light onto the areas in your life that are needing attention and congruency.
Every week we’ll adjust your protocol to meet your needs and progress from there. My approach is very organic and natural so that ultimately you can be empowered to trust yourself fully in your healing journey.

3 months $8888

6 months $15222

9 months $22222

Work with our Health Mentors

We have a team of 12 health mentors that have gone through our training and are embodying LIVINGmucusFREE and thereby fully equipped to assist you in guiding you through your healing process.

Once you make your purchase we will send you a detailed health questionnaire and based on your answers we will assign a suitable mentor to you.

3 months $2888

6 months $5555

9 months $8444