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An online membership portal where you are given all the tools and support to heal, regenerate and upgrade your body through cutting edge protocols that strike the important balance between cleansing and regeneration whilst also receiving powerful guidance and transmissions 

This membership option will give you powerful mentorship to heal not just your body but your life and you’ll have access to our continued learning too as Alex continues to speak to experts in the healing fields and bring you unique access to these intimate conversations

This is for you if you’d like access to all of Alex’s unique offerings and get the very best guidance available on everything 

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Cellular Regeneration
  • Cellular Detox
  • Anti-Aging
  • Deep emotional excavation and healing of karmic fractures 
  • True Spiritual Deepening that is rooted and grounded in lineage and tradition

Guaranteed, you will not find any of this information anywhere else- this is the kind of membership that will continue to serve you month after month and year after year. We can easily keep you busy growing, expanding and elevating for years to come here and the value is one of a kind for those ready to go beyond facades and dogmas and become truly embodied and empowered in your lives.

True healing and regeneration takes time – and at the same time, our protocols are so efficient and powerful that even seasoned detoxers and health nuts will find plenty to grow and exalt with.

No matter what your level of experience is; whether you are a beginner looking for deep regeneration from chronic conditions or a someone who has tried the proverbial everything and is still unresolved or simply someone looking to optimize and fully rejuvenate your body -you will be served, guided and deeply held 


  • Incremental detox protocols to heal and regenerate your body no matter your starting point. Personalized protocols can be purchased additionally ($3,333).

  • List of all Alex’s favorite products and supplements that will continue to be updated

  • Access to a closed FAcebook Group where you’ll receive guidance for the various regeneration programs you’ll be engaging in

  • Recipes for detox and regeneration (predominantly plant based with some high quality animal products, if needed) 

  • Kundalini yoga sessions targeted at glandular regeneration and nervous system regulation (pre-recorded) 

  • Full body workouts with Claudia van Schalkwyk, the En*Light fitness coach – build a strong body in 20 min workouts and receive her favorite plant based recipes to build muscle on a plant based diet

  • Transmissions with David Fastiggi – this man’s teachings and his wisdom in terms of healing karmic fractures and all things cellular regeneration is vast and deep. I call him The Oracle because he brings such grounded insights. David is a Clinical Nutritionist, expert in Advanced Cellular Detoxification and Evolutionary Psychologist and Trauma expert 

  • 1 monthly conversation with experts in cellular regeneration and evolutionary health conducted by Alex (recording). These will be Doctors and Specialists in the field of Nutrition, Regenerative Health, Anti-Aging etc and these calls are sure to keep you abreast of the latest and best in the field. 

  • 1 monthly call with Martin Pytela from LifeEnthusiast, our preferred supplement website where Martin will be available for Q&A’s and will present a monthly theme

  • 4 x monthly hour long Q&A with Alex with your previously sent in questions

  • As we grow we will continue to add value to this membership because that’s how we roll here and you will just continue to benefit, so dive in now and learn from the best

I transformed my life and am now living in my light body and yet I can’t wait to go back to my old life…. said NO ONE EVER…

Even our amazing web-designer is living this lifestyle now and was living it throughout her pregnancy!

All the people on our team, even those that we never intended converting are thriving and shining in their light bodies … because light attracts light

“I could not have done this journey without you. I don’t even recognize myself! This is the best investment I have made in myself”

Amy Hatlan,

Entrepreneur and Coach

You have saved my husbands life, and not just physically; I am so proud of us and we are loving life”

Jenny & Peter De Luca

Entrepreneurs and Health Nuts

This is a whole life upgrade. Life changing, Alex changes the game on all levels”

Azrya Cohen,

Artist & Muse

I am committed to nothing less than your total liberation ~You are so worthy of a magic led life because your nature is that of a being of pure light, know that! all my love, Alex