True health and healing is a journey that embraces cellular detoxification and regeneration.

Alex’s passion has always been in health and human optimisation. From the age of 5 she was obsessed with finding out what was the source of dis-ease. She grew up believing that so much more was possible for humanity and with a deep innate connection to the Christ consciousness. Alex’s past is deeply varied -having studied Ayurveda and Yoga in  India in her 20’s, working in some of the top Spas in the world as well as stints in high fashion, and deep dives into the world of African and South American shamanism. Looking back she realises how her own  suffering and illness was the greatest teacher – propelling her to keep pushing the edges to carve a radical new way of being.

We will help you overcome obstructions and addictions, showing you how to gently switch to a plant-based diet that helps remove all obstructions. So that you can live abundantly healthy and  free from any dis-ease.

Her teachings are a very unique amalgamation of  shamanism, mysticism, a deep understanding of the human body through her studies of Ayurveda and Natural Hygiene; steeped deeply into Christ consciousness and the knowing, that we as a species are evolving beyond what we ever thought possible.

Everything Alex teaches, she lives -fully without  compromise whilst constantly evolving and refining the process. Alex is a true pioneer in her field and has the ability to guide people through massive transformations and healings in the most elegant and deeply authentic of ways. Her ways are simple -she works totally intuitively and  with full presence with the focus of giving her clients a first hand experience of what it feels like to become the embodiment of their Divine and highest selves. LIVINGmucusFREE is the culmination of Alex’s journey – healing herself through cellular detoxification and deep personal development has allowed her to experience a whole new level of health and vitality that has altered her whole reality. Her passion is in bringing this knowledge out to the public and spreading it wide and far.