You will need a dehydrator for this raw bread recipe. I’ve given you some topping ideas but really the list is endless! Included is a delicious side dish recipe.

Ingredients for your Raw Bread:

  • Use the pulp of your green juices for the ‘bread’ mix – pop onto dehydrator sheets or use
  • Grated zucchini and carrots (x3-4 – depending on how much you want to make), mixed with finely chopped onion.
    • Add flaxseed flour to bind (you can grind flax seeds in your blender if you don’t have the flour on hand).
    • Add a pinch of your favourite dry herbs to mix it up.
    • Spread onto dehydrator sheets
    • Use the final product as a bread or pizza base

Top bread/ pizza with a light tahini dressing and fresh tomatoes, cucumber and a few strawberries (as per image)

Top tip for a well-combined side dish:
You can add lightly steamed beans, fresh tomatoes, thyme and a little salt for a different flavour profile and arrange as per photo below.

Green beans side dish