Many of you have been reaching out looking for an “exit strategy” and an alternative to the “old world” whilst the new world is in creation.

We are creating a revolutionary project that entails developing a whole island with detox resorts, community villas, and a creative environment to let your genius flow. Over the last 6 months, and more so through this shift, we have been receiving the urgency to create an offering for those of you that are ready now, for an exciting new life in Bali based on the health and wellbeing principles we live and teach.

We are also at ground level with the creation of our first Utopia estate in Bali, and will have information available for you within the coming months. Whilst we are developing these larger community sites, we have come up with a solution so you can be in Bali now, living this lifestyle. 


We have ten, 100 sqm luxury bungalows at Serenity Cocoon, our center for cellular detoxification in Canggu, Bali. Here we can offer you an all inclusive month to month stay with:

  • gourmet detox meals
  • wifi/internet
  • aircon
  • pool, sauna, cold plunge pool
  • weekly massages
  • daily yoga and meditation
  • weekly sharing circles
  • weekly informative talks on cellular regeneration and human optimisation
  • additional detox treatments at cost (colonics, Chinese Medicine treatments, Gua-Sha, facials, ozone therapy, lymphatic compression therapy etc)
  • group activities (incl. children supervision)

Cottage for single occupancy
– US$5000 per month 

Cottage for double occupancy 
– US$7000 per month

*our regular all inclusive of treatment prices start at $8888 per person/ week.
These prices are strictly on offer until further notice under the current global circumstances

For families we can also organise private villas. 

The world as we know it is shifting dramatically, and rapidly, we quite literally get to make it up from here…

So let’s make it up to be as divine as we can fathom!

We’re offering you the opportunity to become one of the early members in not just a whole new community, but what will become a whole new society, and way of being in this world.

To be part of this new way of being, please fill out the form below. We will be in contact as soon as flights open for Bali.