being in flow

doing what gives you true joy… the kind where you forget about yourself and the world and you are pure experience

dancing…. or rather… BEING DANCED

in fact



vibrating with the divine…

that is what is good for your lymphatic system

deeply breathing

shaking your arms above your head, beyond the point of burning

loving your life and all your creations

allowing life to make love to you

that is all good for the lymphatic system

Any kind of stagnation is not good for it

because the lymphatic system needs flow and it needs us to move towards flow

it needs us to FEEL

just FEEL


allowing the emotions to flow and move through us

without judgment

without contraction

it needs us to trust life

our life

as it is happening

it needs us to know that if it’s happening

it’s perfect

it needs us to respond

rather than react

it needs us to laugh more too

call this in

the laughter

the dancing with abandonment

the surrender to the perfection that exists in every moment

there is nothing to do

just call it in

ready yourself to

be danced

be loved

be in flow

be ravished by life

your body will respond in miraculous ways

and you will be filled with bliss molecules dancing in your cells

you will start to experience the cosmos vibrating inside of you

and you will know