The Lymphatic System

Placed end to end in a straight line, all the lymph vessels in the body would cover a distance in excess of 100,000 miles, which could circle the globe four times!

You have over ten litres of lymphatic fluid in your body. That’s more than the body’s amount of blood. There are over 700 lymph nodes in the body and one-third of your lymph nodes are located in your neck. The lymph nodes consist of a colourless liquid that is the sewage system of your body. The primary job of this system is to get rid of cellular waste helping the body heal. The system consists of 90% water, 10% cellular waste, protein and hormones.

A deep connection exists between your immune system and the gut. In fact, 70% of your immune system comes from the gut. Your ability to fight infections and recover from pain is a critical part of the lymph system.

Only two things move your lymph: diaphragmatic breathing and movement, which is why Kundalini yoga is such a powerful practice to support your detox process.
Breathwork, chanting, shaking, dancing all get your lymph moving in powerful ways.


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