Welcome to your center of willpower. The third chakra is located just below our belly buttons at our gut. It includes the gut and digestive system. The colour of this chakra is deep yellow – like the sun.

This center is often also referred to as the Hara center. The center of power. The third chakra is our power center and the energy through which we exert our will. It governs our actions and ability to move forward and manifest our dreams. If one has a closed or blocked third chakra they may experience a lot of indecisiveness, lack of motivation, always having reasons as to why something can’t be done, victimization, taking one step forward and two steps back, lack of direction and so on.

One may also experience this physically through digestive problems, stomach cramps or excess weight around the stomach. The third chakra also has a lot to do with the food we eat as it is our digestive system that makes the fire which fuel our bodies. If we are not eating food that energises and feeds our digestive system we begin to run on empty. Raw, fresh foods is the best food we can give our digestive system.

When we have an active and energized third chakra, we have the potential to move through life like a fire, moving swiftly and continuously. A balanced third chakra allows you to be confident in each moment about who you are and the decision you are making, it allows you to move forward effectively in your life and be of greater service to the whole.

The Yoga set Active and Energise your third chakra is the perfect short yoga set to do ideally in the morning before you start your day, or whenever you may feel your will power and sense of purpose take a bit of a dip.

This yoga set is 21 minutes.