The throat chakra is the 5th energy center in our bodies. Located at the throat it is the energy center that governs our communication and self-expression. Our throat is almost like a sacred gateway that links our inner world with the outer world, where we are able to communicate and express what is happening within us, to the external world.

If a person has a closed chakra they will most likely be quite shy and not speak very much. They will tend to hold onto their words and not speak up for themselves. This often leads to the accumulation of unreleased energy in the throat which manifests in various forms of disease such as swollen glands, throat infections and so on. A person who has an overactive throat chakra will be someone who does not stop talking, perhaps speaks very loudly and does not have a filter on what they say. We want to use yoga as a tool to bring our throat chakra into balance so that we are able to speak our truth in a clear and effortless way.

By doing simple movement in the neck area such as neck rotations, we are able to get this throat chakra energy moving and flowing. If there is built up energy in this chakra, the yoga will assist in releasing this energy. Very often if we have blocked energy in the throat chakra we are unable to communicate effectively or say that thing we know we need to say. These yoga exercises will help bring you relief to speak your truth with courage and love.

This 15min Kundalini yoga set is the perfect throat chakra balancer: