Beet Pre-Workout Smoothie

A pre-workout beet smoothie that will provide optimal workout stamina. Wake up your inner animal!

Wake Up Your Inner Animal!

Most workout boosters are nothing more than Kool-Aid with a little caffeine added. Try this nutritional powerhouse alternative!


  1. Pour 16 – 24oz of water into a blender
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of RAW Pine Pollen Powder
  3. Add 1 Cup of fresh Beets (steamed or raw best)
  4. Add 1 Cup of frozen or fresh Strawberries
  5. Add a pinch of kelp powder instead of salt
  6. Add a few dates or raw honey to taste
  7. Blend thoroughly


  • Beets are extremely high in Nitrates, which the body converts to Nitric Oxide.
  • Nitric Oxide improves blood flow and oxygen delivery.
  • Beets contain folate, potassium, vitamin c, and many antioxidants.
  • Not laden with chemicals and food colouring