Yoni care, vaginal or urinary infection

As with all things, “if you can’t eat it, it should not go onto your skin or in your body”. The same principle applied to your yoni (the tantric term for vagina). Your yoni is a delicate flower that will absorb everything that you put in or on it. For this very reason, you want to ensure that your yoni comes into contact with natural products only. In this article, we explore the alternatives.

First of all, having an honouring relationship with your yoni makes all the difference. By treating your yoni as the sacred portal of life, it is will deepen your relationship to yourself and all of life.

Many women suffer from chronic yeast and urinary tract infections. In my experience, this goes hand in hand with deep detoxification. As we detox the body, old issues flare up.

Besides the physical reasons for these afflictions, there are emotional reasons that come into play as well.

Vaginal thrush, which so often afflicts us after having intercourse, speaks to “anger over having made the wrong decision”. Perhaps we did not fully honour our body the way it wants to be honoured and thus on an energetic level, we may not have felt aligned. In this case, your body will let you know. This is something to keep in mind and feel into.

On a physical level, when faced with candida/thrush it is good to keep in mind that whilst fruit will bring these symptoms to the surface, it will not cause it. Fruit and detox will simply bring this to the surface for healing. I suggest a 24/36-hour dry fast and consuming only fruit during a flare-up period.


  • Oil of oregano – caps or drops – take high doses of this
  • Olive leaf helps to kill the fungus and co-infections that often coexist in the body.
  • Douche with Heal All Tea from Dr Morse or a little Apple Cider Vinegar to soothe the afflicted area.
  • Dr Morse Parasite tinctures 
  • Probiotics will help to balance your gut flora until your body is clean enough to do create its own. This product is very good and will go a long way.
  • Natural suppositories with borax are very effective
  • Fulvic acid is best taken internally. Place a dose onto the menstrual sponge and then insert into the vagina. This helps to balance out the flora and brings healing.
  • This Candida Complex product is a great all rounder whilst detoxing and will help to sort the root issues out.
  • Ozone Creme can be helpful to soothe itch and it works well for any other skin issue.
  • Natural at home remedies:
    1. Garlic cloves can be inserted into the vagina (they will expel on their own, no need for concern)
    2. Coconut yoghurt – soak the menstrual sponge in coconut yoghurt and insert or slather on


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