Letting go helps to heal the colon

I was doing some research on the different body systems and organs in reference to the Kundalini Yoga practice. I feel that the abstract shared below is so interesting and helpful for us. 

“From an emotional viewpoint, the colon has to do with having trouble letting go. These issues aren’t typically current life events but usually, stem from the past. It is human nature to hold on to events because there is a belief that by never forgetting, we will not let it happen again. It is be helpful to learn from the past, but there is a point in which what we hold onto will hold us back from moving on. Resentment is an example of holding onto the past and the emotion can literally jam up the entire body.

Additionally, the colon, especially with sigmoid colon, has to with secrets that we bury from ourselves. It is like hiding something in the deepest darkest corner we can find in the body so that we cannot even find it.” – Singh, N. Kundalini Yoga and the Colon – Healing Resentment [read more here]

The Colon
Anatomy of the Large Intestine