Why we fear fruit

So often I hear “I can’t do fruit because…” If fruit gives you problems, it’s not the fruit that is the problem.

Fruit is the great lymphatic scrubber that brings all imbalances and weakness to the surface to be healed.

Fruit is not the problem – it only reveals the problem.

By avoiding fruit you are only avoiding bringing your body back to balance.

I am not saying eat only fruit for the rest of your life either. I am saying fruit brings obstruction to the surface to be healed. With the right support of herbs and a detoxification protocol, you will not only bring the body back to balance, but you will also rejuvenate the body on a cellular level better and faster than any other method out there.

If your body does better on fats and proteins it’s simply because of high levels of congestion and imbalance – simple.

Fruits will also reveal your emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances, as it will raise your vibration. If you are not ready to live in high vibration and state of awareness you will do poorly on fruit and feel ungrounded. That’s ok, that’s why we transition slowly unless we are healing from acute or chronic dis-ease.

I personally do not think that most of us are meant to eat only fruit, for a variety of reasons but emotional reasons being the primary ones – it’s simply where we are at as a collective.

Just know that fruit is not the problem, it only reveals the problem and that it is the best way of cleaning out your lymphatic system, gut and colon and it gets the kidneys filtering. Once our main detoxification pathways are open, obstruction can be removed and our bodies can find their way back to balance.