Aria Persei podcast

In this podcast, Aria Persei explores how we can move from codependency towards interconnection through her own Saturn Return experience.

Saviour complex, people-pleasing and victimhood consciousness: confronting shadows as a way to open a new door.

In this 8 minute podcast, Ariane reflects on her first Saturn return that came as a great initiation and cracked her reality and perceptions about herself, others and the world open.

Looking back, she traces the traps her own consciousness was caught up in, namely: wounding of non-recognition, the search for external love and validation and the loop within the famous Persecutor-Rescuer-Victim triangle drama.

Ariane shares how she moved forward on taking her share of responsibility, realizing she had prostituted a part of her truth and how she turned into a detective. This process entails remapping her wiring – from codependence to interdependence. New and sober hours were knocking at her door and this brought golden rewards with the hard self-inquiry work. Tune in to learn more.