Dawn Gluskin

Last summer, I completed a 28-day juice-fast alongside the LivingMucusFree community. It was nothing but grape juice, herbs and enemas, extended daily dry-fasting, and lots of feeling-damn-good-in-this-body for four weeks.

I’m no stranger to what some might consider “strange” eating habits. Decades ago, after reading a book about factory farming, my 16-year-old-self became instant-vegetarian. Some years later I became full vegan.

Twenty-five years later, and it’s pretty standard to see me rolling through the produce section with a cart filled to the brim with nuttin’ but fruit and veggie goodness. (Often to the genuine surprise of other shoppers, “What in the world are you going to do with ALL those fruits and vegetables?” Let that sink in for a minute.)

Three to four-day mini-fasts have been standard throughout these years — always good for a quick re-boost to the system and getting some of the toxins out. Still, something was calling me to go deeper. When the guided 28-day fast group came on my radar, I knew I had to participate.

I had been reading about so many people that have cured themselves of dis~ease in their bodies through extended fasting: thyroid issues, autoimmune disease, and even cancer. As I dug into the science side of things, I learned about cellular regeneration through autophagy (when your healthy cells eat your dying and damaged cells for fuel, like the age-reversing, inflammation-reducing bad-asses that they are).

I wanted to get off coffee, feel energized all day, ease my achy shoulders, and feel more grounded in self and connected to Source. I got ALL of that, plus shiny skin, bright clear eyes, and strangers everywhere telling me “You’re glowing!” Yeah, baby!

“Why isn’t EVERYbody fasting? This is amaaaazing!”, I thought.

But, here’s where things got really interesting.

They’re going to judge you.

I shared my journey publicly and, while I did receive an abundance of supportive & genuinely curious feedback, some people (I’m looking at you strangers-on-the-internet and well-meaning family-members-that-think-I’m-a-little-odd) had major concerns. Many expressed concerns with love. A few were downright mean about it. Someone even went to the effort of creating a fake profile to throw insults at me anonymously. #forreals

Some of the worst negative feedback:

“You’re already ridiculously skinny. You need help.”

“I’m a nurse and really concerned about you.”

“Oh I have opinions about this, but I am trying to keep them to myself.” (love you Mom!) 

“How can you possibly be getting your nutrition?”

“This is not healthy. You need to get a blood test and prove to us that this is safe.”

“You know – Your daughters are going to have an eating disorder because of you.”

“You’re going to die.”


Staying Grounded

Let’s be honest: It never feels good when you’re being attacked. And, when people-without-a-clue take cheap-shots at your parenting — aye! (The yogi in me kinda wanted to mama-slay somebody, if you know what I’m sayin’ … with love, of course.)

The good thing about fasting:
You remember who you are.
Your intentions are PURE.
You are grounded in TRUTH.

And, with this perfect trifecta of spiritual shielding, the words of those-who-don’t-know-any-better only sting a tiny bit instead of piercing right through you. Then, they actually kinda just slide right off. And you’re able to find a deep feeling of compassion. You realize: They’re operating on what they know — and the majority of what we’ve all been taught about nutrition is flat out WRONG.

Going “first” is never easy. Go first anyway!

I came out of my 28 day fast feeling more grounded in my truth and more alive than ever. I also heard things like “There is NO WAY you are 41.” “You look so good and full of life!” and best of all: “You’ve inspired me to start my own fast” and “I need to do this. Where can I get the protocol?”

That’s what it’s all about folks. Get grounded in your truth. Set pure intentions. Become unapologetic about what you are stepping into. Then, you become impermeable to those who don’t get. Those who are ready will follow. Those who are not yet – trust that you have planted a little seed in them – and you never know when they might start to grow into themselves.

I’m off to start another two week fast. Feeling grounded in my decision to do so. And, looking forward to what’s on the other side! We’d love to hear some of your fasting stories. What’s the craziest thing anybody has said to you?