Detoxification and Fasting are mostly about becoming painfully aware of how our emotions and belief systems affect our body.

Emotions and belief systems become solidified/calcified energies in our body.

Once emotions and beliefs become calcified they take more than energetics to undo – that’s why we have to detox and fast to loosen and flush out these solidified emotions.

Until you go through the process yourself, this makes no sense at all.

You cannot know what you don’t know
knowing cognitively, is not enough
it has to be

That’s why this is such a radical system

It allows you to have the embodied experience of just how deeply emotions=energy in motion (stifled emotions being the seed of all dis-ease and suffering)

we have made a science of food and as much as it can be contained in chemistry,
food, beyond its chemistry, equals love
for all of us on a very deep level

what we deem ourselves worthy of receiving/digesting determines what and how we will digest something, how we will assimilate it and how we will eliminate it

Only once we are able to give up ALL our ideas around food and nutrition can we reestablish a new, wholesome, authentic relationship with food
authentically feeling into how a specific food alchemizes in our particular eco system. What the foods means to us emotionally will determine how it will affect our body
The emotion with which eat something will determine its energetic effect on us and as that solidifies in our body it will affect our physical expression

in a sense, that is our luxury today

now that our physical survival is not at stake we have the luxury to evolve our subtle body
that is how we evolve
and how the evolutionary impulse evolves us

When ALL false structures are taken down

When you have removed obstruction between your unique individual truth and everything that is not serving that

When you form an intimate, loving, honoring relationship between you and your body

When you respect your authentic (!) desire AND the delicate intricacies of your body
then you will embody

and your

and there is nothing more soul-filling than that