Recipes for sweet and savoury cravings

A list of my favourite recipes for those days when you’re craving a little “something-something”


Top tip: You can swap out the cashew for brazil nuts and/or you could use chickpeas or spelt flakes.


Top tip: use flax egg(s) instead of an egg, and grape seed oil instead of butter. Notice if you are actually craving the burger or the experience … Having said that, here are some great sauces:



Top tip: If you crave something, look up the alkaline version of it – you will be sure to find it. I find that if I keep to alkaline/mucus lean options I do not spiral out of control.

I enjoy my feasts and happily come back to what I know serves me best and at the same time, I feel at peace knowing that if I do want/”need” a treat I can chose what serves me best.