So let’s set the record straight – none of us will be PERFECT on this journey. With our human e-motions there will be times we need a break or simply want to partake in festivities a little and that’s totally OK!

Ultimately, as you progress on the LMF lifestyle, you will notice that you can maintain your health in spite of some occasional feasting – although you don’t want this to be a regular occurrence that undoes all your work.

Below are seven ideas to get you back on track:


For example, going from all fruit to heavy items such as spelt pancakes or pizza with vegan cheese. Rather decrease the fruit and move to higher greens, salads and steamed veggies with some sweet potato and a little fat like avocado and brazil nuts. Get your digestive system used to the heavier foods first. Take digestive enzymes and probiotics if needed.

Keep dry fasting until 10-11 am, then have a juice or some fruit to breakfast, a salad for lunch and make you feast meal the evening meal. If you choose to have your feast meal at lunch, then keep your dinner very very light (a green juice or a few dates), so that your feast meal can be digested properly.


Puradyme digestive enzymes are the best along with TRIPHALA to keep your bowels moving.


  • Don’t veer off mucus lean too much – in other words, don’t go for greasy fried food (especially restaurant food can be filled with canola and rancid oils which poison for the body).
  • Don’t have wheat but rather look for spelt, einkorn, millet, quinoa or teff options as they are far more digestible.
  • If you can avoid animal products altogether I really encourage that, but if you must have animal products make sure they are the highest grade possible and keep in mind that if they make you feel better, it’s just because of the stimulation.
  • If you must have cheese, make it raw milk cheese. If you must have some meat, make sure it is grass-fed, hormone free and have it with a large salad and greens, not with potato chips and cheese sauce.

Note: Oftentimes you will not feel the ill effects of your meal until 2-3 days later when the stimulating effect has passed, so keep that in mind before you say it made you feel good.

  • Feel into what it is you REALLY want and then go for the best version of that and enjoy it fully. Sometimes what we want is a certain texture or flavour and I find most times we can recreate a far healthier version that will not take a huge toll on the body. For example, sometimes I want a chewy chocolate chip cookie or cake. I make that by mixing nuts, banana and some sprouted buckwheat with cacao or vegan coco chips. See the Recipes tab for more great recipes.


If you are in the rebuilding or break phase, tune into your body and find the right time to pull back into detoxing again. You’ll notice it becomes easier to listen to your body over time. You may want to rebuild/veer off detox for 3-5 weeks and then pull back again. Make the process smooth and elegant so that you can trust yourself in the future.


If you are new to this journey, have three days per week of LMF no matter what. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Do three days a week of fruit only as break-fast with then green juices/smoothies for the rest of the day.
  • Other days: Break-fast with fruit / lymphbuster, have a salad for lunch and your “feast” meal/mucus lean meal for dinner.
  • Keep one 24 hour dry fast in your week. This could also work to ease into this lifestyle and out of it when you want to rebuild.


If you do eat something that was not ideal, have a pudding afterwards (see recipe here) with extra activated charcoal and take black walnut tincture morning and evening – separate from meals. In addition, you could do a few lemon juice enemas or go for a colonic.

Spelt pancakes with blueberries
Spelt pancakes with blueberries

      7. ENJOYMENT!

Only eat foods that you actually enJOY. Don’t eat foods because you think you are getting nutrition out of it. Only eat what you can eat without guilt. Know that all food is an experience, so be present to the experience. Enjoy and move on.