“Enema” is not a dirty word. Enemas get rid of dirt.


Enemas (and colonics) are a big part of Cellular Detoxification. Due to a lifetime of eating mucus and acid forming foods mucoid plaque builds up in the colon. Mucoid plaque is the accumulation of toxins and pathogens that deposit along the colon walls.

The shape of the colon perfectly lends itself for deposits in its many nooks and crannies. This is where bacteria, parasites and pathogens breed and cause issues over time. The obstruction created by mucoid plaque creates malabsorption, cellular malfunctioning and ultimately results in dis-ease. If you take this into account, the very source of dis-ease is excess mucus that didn’t make it out of the body.

Many people challenge me on the issue that enemas are not natural; however, eating the way we eat and the amount we eat is also not natural   Enemas and colonics can greatly speed up the cleansing process and give you results much quicker than without. If you are anti-enema then use the Tools set out in Part 1.

I personally recommend doing lemon juice enemas as coffee enemas are simply too harsh on the liver. I only recommend coffee enemas in the case of cancer or acute dis-ease for a short period of time, and even then it will vary from person to person. Lemon juice is a powerful plaque remover and you will start seeing mucoid plaque released as you use them.


Purchase an Enema bag or bucket. Watch some YouTube videos on enemas (ignore the advice on enema solutions).

Quantity of water required:
Use about 1.5-2lt of body temperature, filtered water per enema. This may mean you’ll have to stop and go several times because of backed up waste. As your colon empties out you’ll be able to hold the enema for longer. Know that the lemon enemas are difficult to hold so don’t feel bad if you can’t hold them longer than a few minutes.

Best positions for an enema



Here are some enema solution options (fill your bucket with this):

  • Body temperature, filtered water
  • Juice of one lemon per 1.5/2 lt of enema (pulls mucus and anti-parasite + candida cleanser)
  • 1 tbsp of bicarb for 1.5/2lt of enema (calms excessive acids and diarrhoea)
  • 1 tbsp of chlorella powder for 1.5/2lt of enema (alkalises and calms the bowel)
  • 1 tsp of Haritaki powder for 1.5/2lt of enema (for bowel healing and deep cleansing)
  • Any herbal tea can be used for enema as well
  • Dissolve probiotic capsules into enema water as a quick boost of probiotics (ultimately gut flora balances out and rebuilds as we change our internal terrain)

Position for body and bucket



Find your preferred position and lubricate the enema nozzle, insert and open the flow of water. You may have to wiggle it a bit to make sure the water flows in. If you feel cramping, breathe deeply and relax. If you cannot hold the liquid, stop the water flow and release the enema. Do this until you are through 1.5/2lt. If you feel like there is more to be released you can safely do more enemas.

More options to assist:

    • Massage the colon
    • Do deep breathing whilst holding the liquid
    • Do headstands to allow the water to flow deeper up the colon

What to Expect:

You may feel nauseous and experience a cold sweat. This happens when a lot of toxins are being released into the colon. You should feel much better after the enema, however, if you feel a bit weak afterwards, know you’ve had a big release. If you feel shaky it’s likely that your electrolytes are out of balance which is often the case with deep adrenal burnout, thyroid issues or if you come from an eating disordered background.

Helpers: A bowl of light miso soup or celery juice with apple and lemon can be helpful in this case.

Positions for using an enema


Enemas are very safe and can be done daily for many months during detox. If your colon is deeply obstructed you may need to rely on them for a while, but this will resolve as your bowels release acids and waste.

The process of detoxification will put more toxins into the colon – which means constipation may follow suit. In this case use TRIPHALA to help you clean out, enemas and eat dates to remineralise the body.

As always, listen. Your body will tell you when it needs a break and when it is ready to dig deeper.