Supplements and natural medicine

This is your one-stop resource shop for all supplements required at different stages of the LmF lifestyle.

Below you will find the top detox supplements indexed from A-Z, along with their benefits and how to use it for the best results.


Adaptogens are powerful assistants on our journey to health and can help strengthen and restore your nervous system. Examples of Adaptogens listed in this article: ReishiHe Shou Wu and Schizandra.

As always, adaptogens are only as good as your diet. In a clean body, they can and will do wonders but they cannot outdo a sloppy diet.


A great ayurvedic tonic for the thyroid, adrenals and liver and can assist with managing stressful times and aid in restorative sleep.

How to use:
 Add a tsp to turmeric milk (Recipe: 1 tbsp hemp seeds, 1 tsp fresh or dry turmeric, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and cardamom plus a few dates to taste. Add water and blend in the Vitamix).

Ashwagandha benefits


Alfalfa is known as the father of all foods due to its high mineral content, amino acids, vitamins and easily digestible format.

How to use:  Add 1 tsp of alfalfa powder to your smoothies and/or salad dressing. Most effectively used as part of rebuilding and strengthening the body or transitioning, as it helps to balance blood sugars and remineralise the body.

Ideas: Make yourself a smoothie with Alfalfa powder by adding mango and/or bananas and coconut water.


These PURADYME products are of the highest quality! I recommend experimenting with their LiyfEssentials Range which are Amino Acids – the building blocks of our cells. You do not need protein, you need AMINO ACIDS!

How to use: Simply add them to your juice or smoothie. Double up by combining with Moringa powder and Alfalfa sprouts.

Add to your juices or smoothies


Best used if you are struggling to sort out your digestive issues in spite of your best efforts, if you no longer have a gallbladder or to get things going again after a longer fast.

These enzymes are best taken interspersedly to help your body along. Digestive enzymes are not a must and you can still do a lot of healing without them.

Who is this for?
If you have a history of antibiotics use, digestive issues, constipation, recurrent infections, candida, parasites, pathogens and autoimmune issues you want to take HIGH DOSES of digestive enzymes to rid the body of biofilm built up in gut and colon.

How to use: Take 10-20 capsules on an empty stomach with water (in the am) and then again with every meal. I like taking them after a fast or for a few weeks if I feel in need of a boost since a lot of our food is depleted.


  1. Puradyme – 180 veggie caps
  2. Puradyme – 1000 veggie caps (well worth it!)


If you are fasting and dry fasting, then I suggest this excellent electrolyte drink once to twice daily to get you over the initial hump of severe dehydration.

With all these products, it always matters where you are at in your journey of health. If you need assistance book a consultation and customised programme to get you on track.


This is one of the most prized Chinese Medicine tonics as it is known to fortify the nervous system and build blood.

How to use: Add this too to the turmeric milk recipe (see recipe above) or add to your smoothies.

Benefits of He Shou Wu


A nutritional powerhouse that grows in South Africa. It is known to improve overall nutrition, promote sound sleep, relieve anxiety, stabilize blood pressure, and strengthen digestion as it is high in amino acids, minerals and micronutrients.

How to use: Add to an all fruit smoothie or juice or simply dissolve 1tsp in hot water and drink as a tea.


If you are looking for a good quality probiotic to assist with digestive issues, LIYFBIOTIC is the highest quality I have found.

How to use: Combine with your occasional fermented nut cheese products or use on its own.


Another prized adaptogen that is known in Chinese medicine to “nourish the heart and fortify the spirit”. Reishi mushrooms will work on either the physical body or the energetic body, depending on where you need support.

It is known to be one of the most potent of all adaptogens and one of the most studied. For those struggling with weak nervous systems, anxiety and brain fog, this is a great addition and works very well!

How to use: Add to anything you like ?

Reishi Mushrooms


You’d be hard pressed to find a quintessential remineralizer of this quality. Shilajit works like Fulvic Acid.
How to use: I add Shilajit to my occasional turmeric lattes or rooibos chai tea, but if you have to choose – take the Humic and Fulvic acids first.


  1. 10g – 1 to 2 months’ supply
  2. 30 g, 3rd generation – 3 to 6 months’ supply 


(as per LYMPHBUSTER Recipe)


This is a fantastic source of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. Baobab lowers inflammation in the body and greatly improves digestion. It is great for skin, teeth and a great antioxidant!

How to use: Add to any smoothie mix or to your vegan mayonnaise Benefits of Baobab Powder


Is very high in Vitamin C and therefore a great lymphatic puller. Camu-Camu greatly supports the nervous system, protects the liver, decalcifies the arteries,  helps rebuild the teeth, balance moods and grow your muscles (also high in amino acids).

This wonder berry is truly a little powerhouse and can’t miss in your detoxification protocol. Add this right away!

Benefits of Camu Camu


Another prized Chinese medicine tonicand adaptogen. In fact, it is THE adaptogen to get on your detoxification journey. Being a berry it is highly astringent and detoxifying.

It greatly supports the liver and the nervous system, which makes it crucial for those suffering from adrenal fatigue and a weak nervous system (pretty much 99% of the world population!). It is a powerful mood booster and anti-anxiety, improves blood flow and circulation – which makes it powerful for the lymphatic system.

Benefits of Shizandra


Remember that nothing can outdo a bad diet; at least not for long. You may not feel ready to dive deep into a detox programme and that is where I can help youGet in touch!