Trauma - The Root of Disconnection

Getting to the root of anything is so much more powerful than dealing with the symptoms. At the root of shame, rage, addictions, and all other human dysfunction, what we will find is stored trauma. It is the source in which all disconnection is flowered. Our Root Chakra literally represents our feeling of being safe in the world. When this is out of balance – symptoms of anxiety, fear, paranoia and mistrust may become present which is indicative of unprocessed trauma.

Unprocessed traumas are spiritual, emotional, mental and physical injuries that occur without understanding and space to properly heal. These traumas will fight to re-live themselves over and over again. This is how we get stuck in perpetual states of dysfunction. We long for intimacy yet unconsciously sabotage our opportunities to experience it. The work to heal requires so much more than changing our thoughts. Trauma is stored in our bodies, in our in cells, in our nervous systems – which creates the survival mentality.

Most people are walking around with so much unresolved trauma, and have little understanding that current triggers can be opportunities to heal these traumas. They are keys to unlock the pain, and our mirrors that reflect what we are still holding. It is why we will continue to be presented with the same lesson over and over again until we bow to that lesson. This is not by accident. It is by design. Our soul knows what it needs to evolve. May we be more awake and mindful to the opportunities we have to grow. May we understand that transformation can be messy and that the people that trigger us the most can be our greatest gifts.

May we transcend our trauma into the gift of freedom, shifting from surviving to thriving. Imagine a world free of trauma, consciously choosing love. Truly, anything would be possible. We must stop looking to change things “out there” – When we change, the world changes.