Basic Yoga for Grounding Your Energy – Activating the Base Chakra.

“I am grounded. I am safe. I am secure”. These are the words of the base chakra.

As you progress along your yoga journey you will begin to become more and more familiar with the chakras – we have seven main energy centers within the body and each chakra governs a different aspect of our being. The base chakra lies at the bottom of our spine and is red in colour. Our base chakra is our survival energy, it is what ignites us into fight or flight, it is our sense of fear or safety, feeling secure within our home, work, relationships and finances. It is the energy that connects us to the earth. When one has a blocked base chakra, you feel scared and insecure. When one has an open and activated base chakra, you feel supported and safe.

Yoga is an incredible tool that we can use to consciously shift ourselves back into our preferred state of being. If you become aware of those moments when you are feeling scared, unsure or insecure, you can use yoga as a tool to transform the energy. This allows you to come back into a more grounded state of being. Yoga for grounding largely includes postures with movement in the hips, legs and feet. Grounding also helps with the manifestation of desires into your life. If you do not ground your energy, it is easy to spend your days with your head up in the clouds, unable to take the focused action that is necessary to bring your dreams into reality.

Know you are unconditionally loved and supported always.

This class is suitable for all ages and levels and will take 28mins to complete.