Meditation is a truly powerful tool. It is the art of focused intention to consciously create the experience you prefer. The art of meditation is coming into the knowing that within every given moment we have the power to choose what we wish to see and how we wish to experience the moment.

Mediation allows us to dive deeply into the subconscious mind and the quantum realm to shift vibrations and align them or is essence our expanded self, to our preference. The use of imagination and visualization plays an important role in meditation and manifestation. By using your mind and imagination, for example, imagining yourself filled with light creates the sensation and energetical experience that this is in fact happening.

Science has shown on many occasions that our body does not know the difference between something that is imagined and something that is actually experienced and so by using our minds we can use our imagination to visualise and create profound experiences for ourselves. In visualization, we also consciously use the mind to restructure physical reality and guide the particles of our body and the space around us to reflect our desired intention.

In this meditation we use tools of intention, visualization and mantra to activate, expand and bring our third chakra into balance. This is an incredible meditation to do in the morning to activate your will power for the day ahead. It is also a beautiful meditation that can be done before bed if you are experiencing any sort of blockage within your will power.

This meditation is 16 minutes in total.