The second chakra is the space in which we store our emotions. Although we can hold emotion in any area of the body, we tend to hold the most emotional energy in this area as it is our creative center.

Emotion is energy passing through the body as the result of an experience or thought. Emotion = energy in motion and just like the universe itself, it is meant to flow.

Emotion is meant to simply passed through the body to be experienced and then let go of. Often in life we have these emotional experiences and choose to hold onto them and so we live our lives holding onto all of this emotional energy and carrying it with us. This energy begins to weighing us down and forms part of our identities even though this emotional experience may have happened years ago.

Yoga is truly the practice of self-liberation and we hold this power in every moment. As we expand into the next moment we choose what it is we would like to carry with us. At any moment we can choose to put the baggage down and free ourselves of old emotional energy and stories.

Old emotional energy, when not released out of the body, becomes stagnant and accumulates which manifests in various forms of pain and disease. Yoga and especially Kundalini Yoga help us to loosen up this energy and release it out of the body so that we can be freed of old emotional energy that is holding us back and weighing us down from being and expressing our highest and truest version of ourselves.

The Yoga set – Releasing Emotional and Creative Blocks – is a perfect yoga set for releasing emotional energy out of the body. This set is nice to do before bed or at a time of day when you are relaxed and want to go deep within yourself to let go of that which no longer serves you.

This 18 minute set is perfect to do before bedtime or when you want to relax and let go.