“I create”

The second chakra is the home of our creative energy. Located at our reproductive center, it gives rise to all of humanity. It is where we make love and the space through which sperm is released to fertilise a woman’s egg to create new life. This new life is grown and nurtured in the womb at the second chakra. It is through the second chakra that a baby is born and enters the world.

We are creators at our core nature, each moment creating the next. Coming up with an idea and having the passion and creativity to birth new ideas and dreams into the world. We are each here to birth and bring our true essence into existence. A blocked second chakra is the result of a disconnection to yourself as a creative being which results in creative anxiety, lack of passion and sexuality. The second chakra is also related to our relationship with money and sense of abundance as this too is of our creation. Either we are open to the abundance that surrounds us or we are closed to it. By opening up the second chakra we are opening up the flow of our creative energy, our sexual energy, passion and sense of abundance.

I feel I can safely say that this is something most people would like in their lives. This is our natural self. By doing simple movement we can open up this energy and expand it. The more and more you do this, the more you will begin to see life around you change. The world will open up as you become more open, more creative and confident in who you are.

The yoga set – Energising the Second Chakra – is the perfect morning routine to open up and activate your second chakra for the day ahead.

This 12 min morning routine will activate your body for the day ahead.