Activating and Balancing Your Second Chakra

The second chakra is at your reproductive center and is the energy that governs our emotions, passion, creativity and sexuality. If you have an open and highly active second chakra you will be highly creative, emotional and sensual. If you have a closed second chakra you will lack passion, creativity, sexual drive and possibly express little emotion.

We can see here that we want the chakras to be balanced and not over or underactive otherwise we experience too much of an extreme in one area.  We are all beginning to become more aware that we are energy and that we exist within every changing and ever moving energy within us and all around us. As we go through our life experience, it is only normal that energy gets blocked in certain areas of the body.

Great signs that we can look out for that tell us we may have a blockage in our second chakra are physical pain or stiffness in your lower back, pelvic area or hips, excess weight in the hip region of the body, emotional instability, lack of creativity, low sense of passion and sexuality. This simply means that the energy is not active and flowing in this area of your being and there are so many yoga exercises we can do to open up and get this energy flowing again. You will begin to see yourself come back into alignment in no time at all.

The Yoga set Activating and Balancing Your Second Chakra is the perfect starting point to activate your second chakra and bring it into balance. Once you begin to gain a deeper awareness of your chakras you can truly start to become the master of your own energy and turn it up or down so to speak as you feel necessary.

This set takes 43 minutes and follows on from the first chakra series.
Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of the first set for grounding.