One of the most frequent questions I receive on the ‘long term’ detox lifestyle is how to best care for teeth and gums. During the deep detox period, some people experience teeth and gum challenges that include loose teeth, gum disease and other symptoms of detoxification. No need to stress – this is simply the body working its way towards health.

I’ve done all the work for you and have tried and tested numerous products myself, these are my top value-for-money recommendations.

For those of you ‘suffering’ with teeth and gum challenges, I recommend the following:

a. Start by checking the PH (acidity) levels of your mouth: should high acidity be the end result, then watch video (b) (below)

b. Lymphatic Face Massage video (click to watch)

c. Alfalfa Sprouts or Juice Powder (combine with fruit only)

To strengthen and remineralise the teeth. Also aids in collagen production and hair growth – take supplement (d) & (e) in combination.

d. Horsetail Tinctures

e. Bamboo Powder Extract

The combination “mouthwash” I use: swish combo (f), (g) and (h) in your mouth twice per day to resolve teeth & gum issues quickly:

f. Black Walnut Tincture – excellent at rebuilding tooth enamel

g. Nettles Extract (alcohol free) – for Remineralisation

h. Fulvic Ionic Minerals – for extra remineralizing effects

i. Complete Trio Remineralizing Set – with excellent reviews – this three product combination set includes miracle mouthwash, tooth powder & remineralisation liquid.

Toothpaste, Toothbrushes and Gels

j. Ozonated Organic Gum Gel

k. Neem Toothpaste – best healing toothpaste on the market in my opinion

l. Happy Gum Drops – use after brushing your teeth for additional support and healing

m. Toothbrush – inexpensive and good quality

n. Waterpik and Sonic Toothbrush

Things to consider:

Depending on how much detoxing you’ve been doing, it might simply be time to rebuild. Book a session with me and let’s look at what you might be missing.

Some of us are more compromised genetically on a cellular level than others, in which case I do believe that slight dietary adjustments need to be made in terms of needing more fats and in some cases even (minimal) animal products. This is not because animal products are healthy per se but because they create a buffer and keep the body from detoxing too fast. A one on one consultation is recommended in this case to determine the best way forward.