Amy Lyn Pratyahara is an incredibly open, transparent person, completely in touch with who she was, who she is now, and who she aims to be in the future. By confronting the pain of her past, she has managed to use it to strengthen her own inner-resolve and in turn is using it to teach others to do the same.

A regular Utopia Rising contributor, Amy Lyn is a credit to the community she serves, and her story is really quite remarkable.

Utopia Rising (UR): Tell me a little bit more about yourself, what you do and how you got to this point.

I was born Amy Lyn Williams, but I now go by my spiritual name Amy Lyn Pratyahara which reminds me to withdraw from the 5 senses and operate from within.

I come from a lineage of trauma. I am diligently cleaning that up as a Pattern-Interrupt for my ancestors and future generations. Through my own healing, I have developed tools and skills that I now assist others with.

I am Mother to 6 Bright Light children, five I birthed and one through marriage. Other than growing up with a father with PTSD from the Vietnam War and a mother totally disempowered and living in co-dependency, perhaps my greatest impetus for transformation and growth has been the storyline that my children, their father and I choose to actualize in this incarnation.

While I am not defined by my story, the details have contributed greatly to the expansion and realization of my calling, which is for people to experience their full potential and worth, Being State with Action coming from Creation Inspiration.

The joy and innocence I came with into this world was over-shadowed by the Matrix, my parents, religious figures and teachers and the string of traumas I experienced.  I learned that the world is not a safe place and that the weak do not survive. My Story is one of me coming back to my original blueprint and state of Innocence that was never lost, only clouded.

When I found myself a single mom of five on welfare and far away from any family, I started to realize I needed to uncover the truth and crawl out of the programming of my lineage and surroundings. I was disillusioned. I started to see where my choices had been coming from and that they were leading me in a direction I did not consciously wish to go.

Through surrender to the co-creation of my ex and our children, which involved “war” and conflict and pain, I allowed my ex to gain custody of our children. The focus of my life to that point was wife and home-birthing/schooling breastfeeding mother.  Suddenly I was pushed out of the roles I was playing and into the depths of the question of who I really was.

I lived with the grief of not being with my children full-time by moving forward in finding what brought me joy and by helping others every chance I could. I became certified in various energy healing modalities and found Plant Medicine in the form of Essential Oils, which in turn activated the Cellular Memory Complex to help restore me to who I truly was.

Through sharing and offering what I learned, I was able to create a life and business that brought me joy and assisted many. I finally knew the abundance that was ME.  And, I consoled myself that the path I was walking would heal me and my children and many generations front and back.

In my mid-twenties, I found myself “sick” with strange symptoms that the medical community could not define or fix. I started working with a Naturopathic Doctor and have utilized MANY different diet plans and modalities (which all helped for the stage I was in) on my Journey back to health which continues to this day. Finding Living Mucus Free is the peak of the Mountain for me at this point.

My general state of disease stemmed largely from generations of obstruction-causing diets, over the counter and prescription medications throughout childhood, and the surgery I had at age 17 to implant steel rods along both sides of my spine to arrest and do some correcting of scoliosis. I had a 55-degree curve at the time of surgery. I developed a staph infection post-surgery and had to be re-opened to clean that out and was put on at least 8 weeks intravenous antibiotics which were the strongest available.  It was so strong it would burn my veins going in and my veins would “blow out” and the needle would infiltrate (very painful). As a result, a Hickman Catheter was inserted near my heart to administer the antibiotics.

I developed Systemic Candida. I also received antibiotics during the births of my 1st 3 children as well as Nubaine. I now know that I had severe lymphatic stagnation and physical and emotional toxicity.

The experiences I have had in this physical incarnation naturally brought my Soul to a place of not only remembrance for myself, but to a place of sheer desire to help others through the knowledge and experience I gained along my path thus far.

That’s an incredible story. What do you do now?

I offer Emotional Clearing, Congruence Counseling, Essential Oil Education – especially as it relates to Emotional and Spiritual Health – Dietary Guidance, Soul Healing Facilitation, Sacred Childbirth with Reiki, and I teach about how to live a Natural and Harmonious life. I have a dream where we live in Wholeness and with Innerstanding that we are Divine, Sovereign Beings meant to radiate Joy and continually expand Consciousness.

UR: Can you tell me a bit more about your practice?

I have become adept at using my gift to SEE clearly the incongruency in others’ fields, bodies and speech. In guiding others to recognize where there are mis-alignments in their life, they are able change the trajectory of their path to one that is in alignment with their True Calling and Purpose.

My Sacred Childbirth with Reiki work involves clearing birth trauma. Almost all births contain some trauma, particularly if they happened in a hospital setting. I also help men and women clear their own births, because how we birth and are birthed sets a blueprint for our worldview and our manifestations and beliefs. This work was designed also to assist moms in creating their dream birth that recognizes it is encoded in our DNA to give birth without pain. It is a wonderful tool to clear any sexual trauma as well.

The Soul Healing work I do involves clearing the Akashic Records or Ethers of any entanglements, kinks and contractions that hold us back by highlighting the Who, What, Where, When and Why, and then asking Higher Self to Clear and give any assignments to fully integrate and upgrade the Record.

There are about 20,000 individuals in my Network Marketing Organization with doTERRA International, and through this medium, I create Health AND Wealth and help others do the same. I use essential oils in all areas of my practice.

I offer 30-minute Emotional Clearing sessions where I intuitively lead the client wherever guided with tools I have that are called upon for that specific person.

UR: What are the most common issues you deal with – in terms of your clients’ needs / challenges?

The most common issues I see are trauma and programming.  Most of my clients, like myself, were raised with belief systems and templates that do not serve their highest potential. What I do is help them to peel away the layers of illusion to get to the Soul Essence and Core of who they really are. We are all meant and equipped to be abundant in all areas of our lives and to enjoy peace, joy and fulfillment in our Creations.

I see many challenged because they are living the thoughts and agendas and belief systems of everyone, and everything, but their own. And, most are running their lives from the mind and believe everything they think. I help my clients put the mind in the backseat and the soul in the driver’s seat. Clients I see often do not recognize that there is tension and contradiction in what they say, what they do, and what they want. Once this is resolved, they can start to manifest Conscious Creations of their choosing, rather than defaulting to subconscious protection of wounded child, over-identification with their personality, and story, and fight or flight.

UR: What is your driving force now – in terms of personal motivation and your work?

My driving force is to see the Human Tribe in Unity and Recognition of Oneness and Actualizing their Full Potential. As I have called back the fragments and fractals of my own soul, I am Inspired to assist my other selves to do the same – for we truly are One.

My healing journey continues to unfold and my children are mostly grown and out creating a life of their own. I desire to see the next, and future, generations have a greater ability to recognize the hologram that is the reality they have been in and to actively create the Utopia that they are capable of.

UR: What can UR subscribers expect from your columns / videos?

Through Utopia Rising, subscribers will get a deeper look into the reality that I see and the one that I wish to Co-Create WITH them. I will continue to write about my insights and downloads in the hope of leaving a breadcrumb trail for those wanting to be where I am at in Consciousness and to see what I see.

I will be sharing uses of essential oils to Emotionally Clear and to rewrite DNA to assist Highest Version Self. Detoxing, to me, happens best when addressed at every level of being. It is my desire to use my writing and videos to assist when others may hit a wall in their journey as I have hit many and found my way through.

I feel strongly about the Sacredness of Sisterhood gathering and will continue to offer this space of raw and vulnerable connecting through this platform. When women gather, they have a sounding board to make sense of the extra-sensory state they thrive in. Creating and holding space for our Sadness to flow out in sharing and tears that bathe humanity in wholeness will be the salvation of our species.