The Earthly and Divine Soul Explained (Part 4)

In the previous article, we explored the four primary vehicles the body is made up of and how they manifest on the earthly plane. We also learnt about the ego within its physical and metaphysical forms and explored the subtle connection between the earthly and divine soul. In this article, we explore the differences between these two soul manifestations.

The earthly soul/ego is a blood being and resides mainly in the liver-spleen system (the pelvic region). This is also called the desire-being or the astral self. The pelvic ego is the most fundamental of the three aspects; the other two residing in the head and the heart as mentioned in the previous article. The pelvic ego determines the character we bring into this world; all our hidden or visible inclinations, the whole of our karma is anchored in this aspect and it exercises a strong, dominating influence upon the head and the heart. It is with the pelvic aspect of our earthly soul/ego that we leave the body at night and gather our so-called nightly experiences.

The original divine soul is latent, not active and hidden deep within your being. It is the Christ seed, the divine principle, the original soul. This primal flame is not able to express itself in the dense, physical matter that is the current earthly personality.

It is this dual state that brings about a great inner conflict between the original soul (light being) and the personality (earth being), that will eventually lead to a soul victory, no matter how long it will take. This is the journey we are all on – a journey back to our Divine Soul origin, to re-awaken the Divine Soul as the centre of our being and to live according to her guidance.

When we decide to live from this centre we are starting a process called transfiguration or soul rebirth. It is the return of Christ within us! This other soul is not maintained by energy from this world… it receives Light from the divine realm, pure Light ethers from the Supernature. The structure and the organs of our four-fold personality are wondrously equipped to also receive these ethers. This is the blessing we carry! It is up to us to decide to surrender our ego to this process. You will never be forced… it has to come from within you after experiencing the desolate nature of this dualistic world; a reflection of our inner world cut off from divinity.

Blessings to all Beings