Negative emotions that go unacknowledged and unprocessed will produce acidity in the body by informing the way our glands and hormones respond. The cascading effect on the body is acidity.

An easy experiment is to recall the last time you got really angry. Recall the incident and feel it in your whole body, go deeply into it, exaggerate it in your body for about 90 seconds. Then, step out of it, let it go…

How does your body feel? Where did you feel it? Are there residues in the body?

Most likely you won’t feel amazing right?

And that was just after 90 seconds, but negative emotions are running inside our body for years… so over time, these emotions will cause more or less havoc in the body, to your mind and nervous system.

If the ego is strong enough, one can pass for “healthy” for many years… so that’s where a strong ego will often save you. But the cost is still great!

On the other hand, authentically positive feelings will create harmony and an alkaline environment through their positive effect on our glands and hormones.

Gratitude and Joy are the two most beneficial emotions for our body…. and our whole being. Cultivate more of that in any way you can.